This is the Word of the LORD to His people in the United States of America, as He gave it to me,  Markita Brooks, on 16 Tevet 5781, December 31, 2020. 

Hear the Word of the LORD. “You have seen My great holiness and power manifested in your  nation throughout the years: in provision, in protection, in leaders, in movements. Yet whenever  you see My power manifested, you begin to lift up the vessels I have used as if they are the  source of power rather than looking to Me. I can empower and raise up whomever or whatever I  choose. I raised up President Trump in this nation, so that My will could be done in many ways,  but He is not the source of your power, nor is he the source of your problems. Consider the  matter: at what point did you stop looking to Me and begin to look to him? Whether he was  your source of security or your object of scorn, he has become an idol in your eyes that I have to  remove. 

“Throughout the history of this nation, I have used many people and institutions to enact My  will, and all of them did so imperfectly. This is part of My perfect will, so that your eyes would  stay focused on Me and your heart drawn to My perfect and unchangeable standards. That is  where you will find your security, and that is the measure you must use to judge the actions of  your leaders. All of you must repent in this matter. I will share My glory with no one, and My  standards do not change, regardless of who is applying them. Refocus your attention on Me, for  there is nothing and no one else who can sustain you in days to come. 

“As the Creator of all things, I am the only one with the wisdom necessary to govern the  universe. Stop fighting Me and My plans. I raise one up. I take one down. I elevate. I humble.  In all things, I move in accordance with My will, but I do respond to your faith as you seek Me.  Faith from you must first be a response to Me. You add faith to My revealed will. As you  believe Me to do exactly what I have promised, you and I walk in agreement on earth and in the  heavenly realms, hastening the manifestation of My will on earth. However, when you presume  to know My will or listen to those who have done so, to believe for it to manifest is not faith. It  is in fact presumption. I have no obligation within My own standards to fulfill what you  presume to be My will. Seek Me fervently to discern My will. Add your faith to that. Then you  will see My Kingdom come, My will done on earth as it is in heaven. 

“For far too long, you have chosen to cling to a form of godliness and stand on My former  victories for this nation and in your own life. This is not worship, and it does not flow from an  intimate relationship with Me. This actually replaces intimacy and drives you far from Me.  Since this nation’s inception, I have continually shown up to rescue those who earnestly cried out  to Me. However, they only cried out to Me in desperation. The history of the United States has  always been one of independence, with only moments of dependence upon Me when everything  looked lost. It is always in these moments that I have shown up in this nation. Review the  history of this nation and you will find a rebellious, self-sufficient people who cried out to Me  when they had no other options. You will also find that I have always shown up to save this  nation from utter destruction when I heard the sincere cries. This is the explanation for every  turning tide in US history.

“For decades, you have not believed you had much reason to cry out to Me as a nation.  Certainly, various populations within the nation have cried out over the years, but the majority in  the nation rest on your own achievements and lifestyles. In 2020, I gave you all many reasons to  cry out to Me. Yet rather than truly turning to Me, you’ve continued to try to solve your own  problems. However, they are all much bigger than you. Not one of them can you address  without My help. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you and I can come into agreement to  rebuild this nation. 

“Your nation is in a transition. In fact, the whole world is in the greatest historic transition the  world will ever experience. I am preparing the earth for the reign of My Son. This transition  will include both judgment and revival. However, it will be a unique experience for the United  States, because of your unique relationship with Me and your position in the world. I will raise  up priests who will offer acceptable prayers to Me, and I will bring in harvests of souls who are  desperately seeking Me. Yet there will be still others who continue to offer false worship to Me,  designing their own traditions and rituals, and yet others who add Me to a list of gods to worship.  From them, I will continue to withdraw My grace, giving them opportunities to repent and turn  to the one true God of heaven and earth.  

“I am more than just one element of your success. I AM. I can no longer allow you to continue  to think that you can use My blessings for your own purposes. I can no longer allow you to  disregard My warnings and appeals to return to Me. The relationship this nation has had with  Me throughout history will begin to change now. I Myself am turning you into an obedient  nation, and I will remove all sources of your rebellion and everything that causes you to feel self sufficient. Many of you will experience this as judgment, yet others will rejoice as it incites  revival. What I do in your nation will turn many around the world to Me. 

“I, the LORD your God, test the hearts of all mankind. I discern your motivations from afar, and  I recognize your desires up close. I am aware of the enemies who whisper suggestions in your  ears, and I will remove them. Wicked counselors, demonic teachers will all come down, but you  mustn’t cling to them. You must allow Me to deliver you, so that you can escape the fate of the  wicked, for this is the season in which I will begin to judge both the wicked and the righteous. I  will remove leaders with deceptive motives and fools who oppose My will and coming  Kingdom. I will address your insatiable lusts that cause you to look everywhere but to Me. Yet,  I will be a strong tower, a place of refuge for you as you seek Me. 

“My purpose in these times is to prepare you for the reign of My Son. Your independence  cannot go with you into that season. Neither can your self-sufficiency, arrogance nor your fleshy  appetites. Only the wise in heart who have learned how to depend on Me will see the glory of  My Son and stand in His Presence. Those who have loved and kept My commandments will  attend Him. At the time of His appearance, you will be repaid for every good deed, every kind  act, every measure of obedience, and your sins will be wiped away. Allow Me to discipline you  in this season, so that you will be prepared to serve faithfully in the time to come. 

“I have not forgotten the tears of those who came before you. I remember their cries to Me, and  I did make promises to them. I have a covenant with this nation, and I will fulfill it, in My ways  and in My timing. My word of deliverance to every hurting soul who has ever cried out to Me in 

the United States will be fulfilled in this season. I will answer the prayers of those long gone and  respond to the cries of those long forgotten. I will respond by saving this nation from its own  destruction. I will respond by sustaining you into the reign of My Son. No, it will not look like  you have presumed, but I will fulfill My purpose for this nation. 

“Before the coming of My Son, great deceptions will fill the land. This deceiver will say one  thing, and that deceiver will say another. However, those who are close to Me will discern the  deceptions. Listen to My voice and the voices of My true prophets whose words will not fail.  

Turn your ears not to the ones who want to manipulate you with fear or comfort, but incline your  ears to the uncomfortable truth. This will position you to experience My great power and  miracles throughout the land. Be patient and trust Me. You will see My Salvation. 

“Times of great challenge, suffering and sacrifice are certain to come, and you may feel that I am  far from you. Yet, please understand that I am working all things together for your good and for  My purposes. Don’t be discouraged, and don’t give up. Your obedience will make all of the  difference. 

“Your adversary, Satan, will attempt to imitate My works and lead many astray. Do not focus on  the miracles alone or great and wondrous acts, but pay close attention to the message. If you  have inclined your ears to Me, you will discern the difference, because the message reveals the  truth; even the hidden truth is revealed in the message. Allow My Word in Scripture to be your  foundation. You must have My Word in your souls at this time. That seed of the Word will bear  fruit in you that you cannot bear alone, and it will cause you to discern that which is not from  Me. The spectacular is often used to distract you from My subtle, yet powerful, miracles in your  life daily. 

“There is great wickedness in the land—both secret and public sin. There are those who are  brazen in their rebellion toward Me, and others who hide their idolatry for fear that they will  damage their reputations in the court of public opinion. I see it all, and I will address it all.  However, it comes as no surprise and it has not broken My heart. What has been heart-breaking  to Me is the sin of My own people. This has driven My Spirit from you. I have clearly  expressed My standards in My Word, but you persist in worship, ideologies and rituals that have  nothing to do with Me. Worship of the sun, Tammuz, Baal, Asherah, Molech and so many  others has found its way into the Houses that bear My Name. I have closed the Houses. Will  you now offer Me true spiritual worship? Will you put your idols away and come before your  only God? You are My agents in the land. Through you I bring in souls to the Kingdom. Yet, I  will not share My glory with another. I have judged the idols, and they are in fact coming down.  Will you finally release them from your hearts and learn to follow Me? 

“I will take you into a desert place—a place where only I can speak to you. There, I will woo  you. There I will court you. There I will remind you of true intimacy and fill you with My  power. There I will reveal the covenant, our covenant, the proposal of marriage and the vows of  a bride. Will you say ‘yes’? Will you prepare yourself for My Son? 

“As I bring down the idols and deliver you from demonic oppression, you will see destruction in  the land. However, I will mark those who belong to Me. I will protect those who mourn over 

the sin all around them. I will set apart My people before the enemy has a chance to pursue  them. Now is the time to choose Me and My ways. Now is the time to turn away from every  wicked path. I have chosen you. Will you be strong and courageous? Will you rid yourself of  every defilement and go for me? Only those who say ‘yes’ will remain in Me and be bound to  My Son. 

“I am birthing revival. Yet, to revive that which comes from Me, I must destroy that which  opposes Me. The plans of man must come down. The strongholds of Satan must come down.  Everything attached to that which opposes My Kingdom must be removed to make room for that  which My Son will build. There will be unrest, some of which I will allow to destroy  abominations in My sight. This is the beginning of tribulation. However, the enemy will also  use unrest as an opportunity to destroy life and incite chaos. Yet, you remain alert. Have your  wits about you at all times. Look for the openings that the enemy will use to attempt to topple  the entire government. That is NOT My doing. My judgment will certainly bring low that  which opposes Me, but I will establish order and maintain justice as I work. Everything that  opposes such is from the enemy and an attempt to establish his demonic kingdom on earth. You  must oppose it! 

“There will be groups and individuals that claim to have the good of the nation at heart, but their  motivations are destructive. I established the foundation of this nation. Anything that would  attempt to remove the foundation is an attempt to destroy the nation, and you must perceive it as  such. In all ways, distinguish yourselves from them and walk in peace with all humanity. Make  sure your ways please Me, and I will not only direct your paths, but I will also cause the enemy  to surrender to you. Stay in the place I have ordained for you and commit to My ways. Your  love and inner peace in these times will bring glory to Me and souls into My Kingdom. 

“Please understand that love tells the truth. Your genuine love for your country and countrymen  must cause you to honestly and objectively declare My standards no matter who is breaking them  or upholding them. You must clearly declare My standards in your words and in your life, which  

includes repenting openly when you break them. This testifies to My unchanging nature, My  impartiality as a Judge and My love as the Father of all! Your failure to do so causes confusion  and rebellion against what you present as favoritism on My part. However, I have no favorites.  As a Father, I love all I have created. My favor is bestowed upon obedience, without respect for  persons. You must represent that well in this season and repent for misrepresenting Me in the  past. 

“As you declare My standards and make right judgments on My behalf, you cause Me to stay My  hand of judgment or to decrease the judgment I must release. If you rightly judge yourselves in  this nation, according to My standards, I won’t have to judge you. Take this to heart and commit  to making right judgments about everything that concerns you, everything in your nation. This  gives people an opportunity to repent, which can avert My judgment, because repentance is the  goal of My judgment. 

“I know well that you cannot complete the work that must be done in this nation, but I am asking  you to begin the work. My Son will transform the United States into everything I purposed it to  be. You must prepare the way for Him. You must bring souls to Him and give Him institutions 

that He can use during His reign. That which cannot stand before Him will be destroyed, so your  work in your region will determine what will last and what will not. Begin the work of  transformation, and I promise you My Son will complete it. If you are faithful in this season, He  will complete it with you when He comes. 

“Many new leaders will be installed in this nation, but remember not to place your eyes upon  them. Keep your eyes on Me, for many of these leaders will be removed by Me, from the  highest positions in the land to the lowest. Be not concerned about what seems to be unstable.  Remember, your nation is in a transition. There will be many changes in leadership. This is My  doing. I will give many an opportunity to serve My purposes, but I will begin swiftly removing  them when they rebel. This will cause many in this nation to tremble with fear. You must help  them develop a true fear of Me. Being terrified will paralyze them, but revering Me will  empower them. Teach them the difference in these ever-changing times. 

“The time has come for every vision and prophecy to be fulfilled. Every Word that I have  spoken to the true prophets will begin to manifest before your eyes. Be not dismayed, and  choose not to be discouraged. I am with you. I am fulfilling My plans in the earth. These things  must happen. Focus on discerning that which is from Me and that which is not. Those who have  falsely prophesied prolonged peace and prosperity have not stood in My council. Yes, I will be a  shelter for My people, but everything is changing. My peace must be within you, and My  provision will come in unique ways. However, things all around you will shake and shift in  preparation for My Son. Other things will be attacked by the enemy in his desperate attempts to  avert My Son’s reign. This, of course, is impossible, but it will be very destructive. Still other  things will be judged and refined in the fire of My glory. But you must remain unshaken. 

“This fire of My glory will reveal the truth. That which is covered by success and prosperity but  full of wickedness will be revealed as wicked. That which is challenged and humble but full of  My goodness will be revealed as righteous. My refining fire will not be in vain in this season. It  will accomplish its purposes of removing defilement and revealing My glory. Stay close to Me  during these times, and surrender to My process. The glory that will be revealed will make it all  worth it. 

“I am bringing you into a new life, a new reality. This work can only be accomplished by the  Holy Spirit, but you must recognize your sin when I reveal it and repent. You must surrender  your heart to Me, so that I can remove the stoniness, fear and brokenness. I want to give you an  undivided heart and place My Spirit within you to a degree that you’ve never experienced. I will  empower you to fulfill your purpose, and you will experience wonders that you’ve never  dreamed. This is a long-term commitment you must make, because you will first experience  tribulation. Then, My glory will come! 

“Remember, your circumstances do not reflect your standing with Me or My commitment to  you. I must be in your heart. Then you will not be moved by what happens around you. This  transition causes despair when your eyes are roaming all around you. Yet when you focus on  Me, the immovable Rock, you will find peace and security.

“I am sending you throughout the land, and you must pronounce My truths. In this, you must be  impartial and holy. For this reason, I have called you to fast. For this reason, I have drawn you  to shift your life. There is work you must do, and you cannot compromise in this work. Make  no agreements with the enemy, and be sure to keep your flesh in submission. I want to dwell in  you and reclaim territory through you, but you must speak against evil and call down the works  of the enemy. I will protect you on My missions, and you will give Me glory. You must fight  for those who cannot fight for themselves. You must speak for those who have no voice. Then  My Kingdom will be advanced on earth, as you prepare the way for My Son. 

“When I bless you, remember to be the financial steward I have called you to be. Bless My  leaders, bless the poor and take care of those who depend upon you. Your actions will either  bring many to bless Me or cause people to feel that I have abandoned them. Complete the whole  mission, even the parts that may not benefit you directly. As My Kingdom ambassador, your  obedience is everything. 

“In this season, take special care of the children. Their hearts are tender, and they are precious to  Me. Be sure to protect them and guide them to Me. Put their needs and feelings first, as they are  experiencing something you did not experience as a child. I want the children to come to Me in  this season. That is one of your most important missions. Represent Me well before them and  encourage their hearts. Listen to their concerns and assuage their fears. Love and understand  them. Celebrate them and train them in My ways. Avoid accusing or judging them, as this  comes from the enemy. Instead, address their behavior according to My standards and repent in  their presence, so that they will learn My unchanging ways and develop integrity. Your reward will be great if you are faithful in this matter. 

“The enemy will seek to turn the children away from Me in this season. He is always looking for  a sacrifice. Be unwilling to sacrifice anymore children to his cause. Guard their lives and souls  as I guard yours. Help the young ones to mature in their faith and guide them as they make life  decisions. Yes, life will continue—for them and you. Help them to put Me first and see My  goodness in the midst of tribulation. Reassure them that My justice is coming, and the righteous  will be rewarded. 

“I am building a new nation. The United States of America will become what I birthed it to be.  You are called to help Me build it. Remember that I have said this to you, as you see destruction  and deception all around you. Remember My purposes for this nation, for you will be of those  bringing firstfruits to Me in the age to come, if you remain faithful now. Then you will  remember the place from which I have brought this nation, and you will give Me glory. My praise will rise up from this nation, and it will be received on My holy hill in Jerusalem. The  United States will be an acceptable offering to Me then, because of the refining I must do now.  Remember this, for it is a promise, and it will sustain you in times to come. 

“The poor in this nation will rejoice, the foreigner too will bring Me glory, when My righteous  ways bring blessings to all, when My justice affirms each soul. Tithes and offerings from the  United States will be brought to My storehouses in Jerusalem. The prayers of this nation will  then be answered. Before you call out to Me, I will respond. No greater prosperity have you  ever seen then that which you will experience when My Salvation reigns on the earth. Then you 

will be My people and I will be your God. You will see your God in the flesh, as He rules over  the world from Mount Zion. 

“However, I must tell you what is to come in the near future for this nation. International  alliances that I have not approved will bring in enemies from afar. Divisions and offenses in this  nation will raise up enemies from within. Fires will rage, buildings will burn, and lives will be  lost. The plague will continue, and, in some areas, things will get worse. In the midst of it all, I  will call this nation to Myself. As your defenses fail, you will start to seek Me in desperation. I  will answer you, but not as you wish. I will fulfill My will by revealing your idols. Conspiracy  will follow conspiracy, as those with agendas will not relent. The prosperity of this nation will  dwindle until you all recognize that money, power and prominence are empty pursuits. You will  try to sustain yourself without My Presence for some time, but then pockets of you will return to  Me. At that time, My Salvation will appear, and you will remember My ways. 

“In the time of tribulation, you will receive revelation from Me for various cities, regions and  states. Each area will have its own instructions, as each area has its own battles to fight. Some  regions will turn to Me before others, and some regions will not turn to Me at all. Watch for My  moves in the nation, because I may call you to move in the nation to the place of My protection.  Not every locality will remain. As My people, you decide where I am welcome and where I am  opposed. The locations that welcome Me will do so by repentance and experience My revival.  Those that refuse to repent will experience the consequences of their own behavior, currently and  historically. This will cause many to turn to Me and others to fall away, though I am not seeking  to attract the greatest number of people but instead to do the greatest good for all people. 

“Turning to Me will include fasting, reading My Word and repenting of sins. Groups of My  people will gather to seek My Face. You will specifically acknowledge how you have broken  My standards and recommit to My ways. You will review your history to learn to improve your  behavior. You will prostrate yourselves before Me and make a covenant with Me. I will  respond to your covenant; I will remember My promises. Then, I will pour out My Spirit upon  you, and you will worship. Your worship will depict the revival of your souls. Your worship  will continually transform you into the people I designed you to be. Your worship will draw  souls into My Kingdom. 

“As I extend mercy to you, you will begin to extend mercy to each other. As I forgive you, you  will forgive each other. Powered by forgiveness, you will make changes to your lives,  interactions and communities. You will demand that your laws reflect My Truth, as you again  take seriously your responsibility as Kingdom ambassadors and keep My Laws wholeheartedly.  Then I will take pity on you. I will restore your nation, and you will approach your King in  Zion. 

“Your King will take you into His service, those who have resolved not to defile themselves.  Your God’s blessings will make you wiser than any others on earth. Your revelation will exceed  all expectations. You will have audiences with kings and national leaders, as you share the Truth  of My Kingdom. You will lead whole nations to serve Me and transform whole governments,  fulfilling the dream in My heart for the kingdoms of the earth. Your service will bring glory to  Me, as the world worships in unison. 

“All of these things are to come, and you will marvel at their appearance. However, now is the  time to prepare. I have given you many talents and great opportunity. I have given you wisdom  and provision. You will be tested on every front, as the enemy seeks to tempt you to  compromise your Kingdom values. However, your choice to stand before demons in this season  will bring you to stand before kings in the age to come. The integrity you develop in this hour  will bring you honor as a ruler in the next. You will receive great glory when My Kingdom  comes, because you allowed yourself to be humbled now. I am developing within you the  character of an ambassador and the resolve of a warrior. Give everything to Me now, and I will  soon lay kingdoms at your feet.  

“Yet, for now, you will watch as nations are torn apart, as localities fight with each other and  kingdoms are divided. Empires will fall, and people will rebel. All of this, though, will reveal  the Truth. Self-serving leaders will be unmasked. Political ploys to increase and sustain human  authority will fall apart. Power brokers will be cast down, and warmongers will be destroyed.  Foolish rulers will be replaced. Political priests will stumble in their own corruption. Study the  Scriptures and you will see history repeat itself, as the high towers come crumbling down.  

“But you remain faithful in love and continue in hope. Persevere through this transition and  demonstrate steadfast devotion to Me. Seek wise counsel and offer it. Consult the elders and  answer the questions of children. Worship Me in their presence and encourage their faith. Then  you will win the respect of many and never have to rely on force. Keep allowing Me to purge  you of unrighteousness, and I will give life to your soul. You are My children, and I will revive  the earth through your unity. Resist fear and move only in faith. I will handle that which is too  much for you. Trust Me. Justice is coming. I may appear to move slowly to you, but I am  actually in perfect timing, in your life and in the world. Wait for Me to reveal My plan. Don’t  take matters into your own hands. I am your Deliverer, and your patience will become praise.  Lean not on your own understanding. I am absolutely at work. Keep your eyes focused on the  Kingdom before you, and you will not stumble in the days ahead. 

“Remember that I have a plan for all peoples and timing for everything. Judgment does not last  forever. It serves a seasonal purpose. When its purpose is complete, I move to restore. I have  work for you to do during these times of judgment, but remember it is for the purpose of  restoration. You will become dissatisfied if you forget My purpose. As you serve Me in this  season, you will bear great fruit, fruit that will last. This will be your immediate reward and  satisfaction. This will help you to press on.  

“Continue to contribute to society through your livelihood. Your work is important to the lives  of others in this nation. Don’t walk away from your career, business, job, investments or  volunteer service, unless you receive express instructions from Me to do so. Life must continue,  even in these difficult times. What I have given you to do is My gift to you and your gift to your  community. Find joy in your work, and work at it with all of your heart. Then you will bring  joy to others. Your faithfulness in this matter will provide security and stability for those who  are being shaken. See your work as another way to serve Me. I, Myself, will reward you in due  time. Look not to people for approval or advancement. Keep your eyes on Me. Work with  integrity and a positive attitude. Demonstrate commitment and My character. Don’t give in to  laziness, complacency or lethargy. Similarly, don’t bury yourself in your work to avoid the other 

areas of life that I have given you. I am working in many ways in this season, and I need you to  attend to all of them: livelihood, relationships, health and national life. Hence, you must take  care of yourself. You must take care of each other. Yes, it does matter. Yes, you do matter.  You are an important part of My work. 

“I am using you to build a new nation, a nation that will surrender to My Messiah when He  comes. Don’t allow the shakings all around you to distract you from the activities of faith and  daily life. Instead, I am giving you opportunities to trust Me and learn from Me. In this season, I  desire to keep you in perfect peace. This will come if you accept My will and My timing. Come  to Me ready to listen, to learn more about what I have planned, rather than to dictate to Me what  you think you should do or what you believe should happen. Work in agreement with Me rather  than against My will, for if you doubt or resent My will, you will not have peace but despair.  

“I have given you a spiritual thirst. I have assigned to you an eternal value. Nothing but My  Presence and My will can satisfy you—not earthly pleasures or pursuits, not worldly success or  the praise of man. I have designed you to only find true fulfillment in Me. I have built into you  a restless yearning for the perfect world that can only be found in the perfect rule of My Son. I  have given you a glimpse of this perfection in the order of creation, but it’s only a glimpse. So,  you must trust Me now and do My work on earth. Can I use you?  

“I have given you life as a gift, and I want you to enjoy it, even in this season. Yet true joy is  only found in Me, and true fulfillment is only found in My will. Come into My Presence, and  you will discover that real pleasure is found in enjoying whatever and whomever I have given  you. Let Me open your eyes, so that you can see My gifts all around you, in any circumstance.  

Let Me open your heart so that you can fulfill your purpose. It is impossible to fulfill your  purpose unless you revere Me and give Me first place in your life. This life is not all there is.  My plan is for you to live with Me forever. So, live this year, this life, with eternal values in  view, knowing that one day I will explain everything. Until then, serve others, and don’t try to  do things by yourself. Trust Me, and I will lead you to others whom you can trust. I designed  you for cooperation and companionship. I formed you to connect. Make someone else’s life  easier or better, and you’ll see Me in their face. You’ll hear Me also in their gratitude. Hold  onto it, until you hear Me say, ‘Well done, My good and faithful servant.’ That time is coming  soon!”  

Thus, ends the Word of the LORD.