Hebrew Roots Transition Training

Hebrew Roots Transition Training is part of the Priesthood Academy.

Purpose of this Training Series: Participants will experience transformation of their lives, families, and ministries as they reconnect with the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith and align with the Truth of the WHOLE Bible.

Presented by: The Truth In The Spirit

Facilitated by: Apostle Markita Brooks

Online: This training may be taken online at any time or annually with our live online sessions. Please complete the contact form along with any comments, questions.

Cost: The cost for this training is $120 ($25 for each session and $20 for the book used in the training, The Road to Damascus: Transformation for the Next Level), to be paid in full or in payment breakdown.

Enrollment Requirements: Priesthood Academy Application and first session fee and book

Dates & Hours: Total 8-hour training, facilitated on 4 separate Saturdays at 2 hours each.

Supplies Needed: A Bible, planner/calendar, writing utensil, and The Road to Damascus book.

Session 1—The Need for Transformation
• Chapters 1 & 2 of Damascus
• “Observing Shabbat”
• “Deliverance from Replacement Theology”

Session 2—Detoured by Yeshua & Immersed
• Chapters 3 & 4 of Damascus
• “Deliverance from Hellenism”
• Chapter 6 of Damascus

Session 3—Born Again & Serving in God’s Kingdom
• Chapter 7 of Damascus
• “Biblical Foods”
• Chapters 9 and 10 of Damascus

Session 4—Extended Transforming Experiences
• “Biblical Feasts (and important days)”
• Chapter 12 of Damascus
• “Deliverance from Anti-Messiah”

Course Fees