What Is Truth?

Apostle Markita Brooks answers this essential question that shapes our self-image, worldview, and eternal destination. You must know and understand the answer to this question in order to discover your true identity and fulfill your God-ordained purpose. …LEARN MORE

Messianic vs. Christian

In this teaching, you will learn the historical differences in the Messianic and Christian faith. Believers who identify themselves as Messianic are connected with the Hebrew roots of the faith and worship as believers did in the 1st century, Jew and Gentile as one in Messiah. The term Christian connotes the Church’s separation from “all things Jewish.” …LEARN MORE

The Truth “IN” the Spirit

As we pursue Truth, we must be sure we are receiving it from the Spirit of God. God knows when and how to release truth to us, and He also empowers us by His Spirit to incorporate it into our lives. …LEARN MORE