Let us have the tough conversations together over a meal and a cup of coffee.

The mission of the Coffeehouse Peace Talks is to heal and reconcile relationships and people. We look into the role of the believer in reconciliation, how to lead the discussions, and how the believer should be involved in the move of God– to heal the divide, to heal the nation and to bring people together.

The focus of this regional forum is to work towards Reclaiming the Narrative by sharing our life perspectives in a casual environment conducive to conversation. We want to allow others to have the opportunity to have true conversations with us about pleasant/unpleasant situations, successes, and pain while addressing the issues through the understanding of each other. We must address the issues of race, gender, discrimination, poverty, political divisions, and the like. We have more commonalities than differences.

It is time that we come together and discuss the tough issues, as Messiah Yeshua (aka Jesus Christ) did with His disciples and anyone who would invite Him into their homes.