Service Times

Temple Services

Worship – Learn – Receive Deliverance & Prophetic Revelation

Enter God’s Presence – Fellowship
  • Commit or recommit to your covenant with God.
  • Be cleansed of sins and empowered to stay free in your life (and Kingdom service).
  • Enter God’s presence for pure, spiritual worship.
  • Fellowship with other believers over a meal and have your questions answered.

At our services, we worship following the Biblical of tabernacle and temple as Yeshua (Jesus) did (Luke 2:46-49), to free God’s people from bondage to sin and enter His presence as ONE in Him across all denominational lines and ethnic barriers! Apostle Markita Brooks teaches to connect the Old and New Testaments, our seasoned prophets give individual prophetic words and prayers, and our worshippers truly enter the presence of God!  Even pastors and leaders attend and are REFRESHED!

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Experience the Presence of God like never before!

Our Temple Services are preceded by Priesthood Academy Training Sessions from 1 PM to 2:45 PM online.  You may join our Priesthood Academy International and receive all of our training sessions, live or online, or just attend the Debriefings that are open to all when offered and available.

Other Ministry Outreach Events

The Truth In The Spirit is connected and offers more opportunities to fellowship and unite with other believers in prayer, praise, worship and healing.

Healing Service
Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7 pm Eastern

Invitation Movement Prayer
Fridays at 5 pm Eastern
(As part of the Global Family 24/7 Prayer Room)