The Truth In The Spirit is a global Messianic Apostolic Assembly of believers in Messiah Yeshua who have come together from all walks of life, ethnicities and religious experiences to prepare for Messiah’s return. We accept members from all over the world, as God is raising up His remnant from every tribe, tongue, and nation. Initially, this can be a scary and lonely process, as you feel you are the only person in your region being called to this shift, but YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Join TIS as your primary ministry from anywhere in the world, and we will:

• Pray for you and your family daily,

• Guide you in Godly living and with Godly counsel according to the truth of the whole Bible,

• Prophetically seek God on your behalf for apostolic strategy,

• Provide you with spiritual mentorship and training to develop your spiritual gifts and send you into the harvest, and

• Be your spiritual family, regardless of changes in circumstances.

As you grow in knowledge and maturity, we’ll support you in the call of God upon your life, which may even include establishing a Messianic Assembly in your area of the world. If you know God has called you to this “Hebrew Roots Walk”, prayerfully consider becoming a member of TIS. We’d love for you to become a part of our global family! For more information or to let me know that God is putting membership in TIS on your heart, simply complete the form below, and we’ll get back with you soon about the next steps.

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