Prophetic Training Level One

Advancing the Kingdom through Prophetic Ministry Training, Level 1

Advancing the Kingdom through Prophetic Ministry Training, Level 1 is part of the Priesthood Academy.

Purpose of this Training Series: To train mature believers in foundational truths and skills necessary to understand and appreciate the gift of prophecy and/or the mantle of the prophet, for the edification of the Body of Believers and the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Presented by: The Truth In The Spirit

Facilitated by: Apostle Markita Brooks

Live Location: Temple of Peace, 3115 Wickham Ave. Newport News, VA 23607

Online: This training may be taken online at any time. Please complete the form below and mark the corresponding online options along with any comments, questions.

Cost: $25 fee per session for 4 sessions (total of $100), to be paid in full or received at each session. For online course study, full payment is required to start and receive materials.

Enrollment Requirements: Priesthood Academy Application and first session fee

Supplies Needed: A Bible, planner or calendar and writing utensil

Homework: An essay will be required. Specifics will be given at the first session.

Course Outline

Topic 1—Training Introduction and Connecting with the King: Father, Holy Spirit and Son

Topic 2—Advancing the Kingdom through Ministry

  • The ministry of Yeshua (Jesus) and His disciples
  • Using your gifts in ministry

Topic 3—Ministering through the Gift of Prophecy in the House of God

Topic 4—Ministering through the Gift of Prophecy in the Lives of Individuals

Topic 5—Ministering through the Gift of Prophecy to Groups of People, in Territories and Nations

Topic 6—Connecting with the Global Apostolic/Prophetic Moves of God and Class Finale