“God Speaks”

“God Speaks” is a weekly live Bible study webcast by Apostle Markita Brooks on Wednesday at 12 Noon. Through this Bible study, God speaks to reveal His will for our nation and individual viewers, through both the New and Old Testaments.

Questions, Comments and Prayer Requests

A lot of Scripture is covered during each Bible study session, so there will not be a lot of time for questions and comments during the teaching. However, Apostle Markita Brooks would love to answer your questions as a part of the teaching! Email questions to info@truthinspirit.org. Prayer requests may also be sent to this email address, and they will be forwarded to our team of intercessors.

God Speaks Videos

(From newest to oldest)

God Speaks: Yeshua in the Spring Biblical Feasts
God Speaks: Division by Babylon & False Peace by the Beast
God Speaks: The Call to the Ecclesia
God Speaks: Racism, A Tool of Babylon
God Speaks: Addressing the Spirit of Religion
Feb. 3, 2021--God Speaks: Are You Building Your Empire or Advancing My Kingdom?
God Speaks: Be Purified and Stand Against the Beast
God Speaks: Moving Forward in America - URGENT PROPHETIC REVELATION
Jan. 13, 2020--God Speaks: Is America Building a Tower of Babel or a Tabernacle of God?
Jan. 6, 2021--God Speaks: Kingdom Assignments in 2021
Dec. 30, 2020--God Speaks: I Am Not There
Dec. 23, 2020--God Speaks: Can I Use You As I Used My Servant Daniel
Dec. 16, 2020--God Speaks: The Power of Unity
Dec. 9, 2020--God Speaks: To Build a New Nation
Dec 2, 2020 -- God Speaks: National Daniel Fast
Nov 25, 2020 -- God Speaks: Commit to Truth This Thanksgiving
Nov 18, 2020 -- God Speaks: Repent for Not Winning Souls
Nov 11, 2020 -- God Speaks: To Heal America, My People Must First Repent
Nov 4, 2020 -- God Speaks: I AM Revealing Your Heart
Oct 28, 2020 -- God Speaks: Declaration of Kingdom Standards for the United States of America
Oct 21, 2020 -- God Speaks: Do Not Put Your Trust In Man
Oct. 14, 2020 -- God Speaks: Let Us Reason Together
Sep 30, 2020 -- God Speaks: On Sukkot and Tabernacling with God
Sep 23, 2020 -- God Speaks: Yom Kippur--A Day for National Deliverance
Sept. 16, 2020 -- God Speaks: Yom Teruah, the Day of Sounding the Alarm