“God Speaks”

“God Speaks” is a weekly live Bible study webcast by Apostle Markita Brooks on Wednesday at 12 Noon. Through this Bible study, God speaks to reveal His will for our nation and individual viewers, through both the New and Old Testaments.

Questions, Comments and Prayer Requests

A lot of Scripture is covered during each Bible study session, so there will not be a lot of time for questions and comments during the teaching. However, Apostle Markita Brooks would love to answer your questions as a part of the teaching! Email questions to info@truthinspirit.org. Prayer requests may also be sent to this email address, and they will be forwarded to our team of intercessors.

God Speaks Videos

(From newest to oldest)

God Speaks: Healing America
God Speaks: The Fall of Babylon in America
Join me for “God Speaks: The Fall of Babylon in America”
God Speaks: Workers for the Harvest this Shavuot
God Speaks: An End-Time Harvest for Shavuot
God Speaks: When Heaven Invades Earth
God Speaks: What Your Soul Really Needs
God Speaks: What to Do When Babylon Falls
God Speaks: The Visitation
God Speaks: Observing Unleavened Bread and Firstfruits
God Speaks: Observing Passover
God Speaks: Obedience to My Laws Amidst Judgment
God Speaks: Birth Pains until the Millennial Reign
God Speaks: An Altar of Repentance
God Speaks: A Message on Purim for the Body of Believers
God Speaks: The Power of Honor
God Speaks: Move Like an Eagle in 2020
God Speaks: In 2020, Plan Like an Eagle
God Speaks: Eagle Focus on 2020
God Speaks: On the Holocaust (HaShoah)
God Speaks: Eagle Vision in 2020
God Speaks: Yeshua HaMashiach
God Speaks: 2020--The Call to Go Higher in the Final Season
God Speaks: 2020--The Year of Precision
God Speaks: Hold the Line--A Hanukkah Message