Pastor Karen Wilson

Pastor Karen Wilson“God has given [The Truth In The Spirit] a mantle for such a time as this that uniquely blends what Truth in the Spirit does through the offering of Temple Services, classes, and fellowship, with what He’s already doing in any given ministry that wants to receive their services. Truth in the Spirit helps me better serve members of the church I pastor, and it helps the members better serve one another and the community at large. From taking the Hebrew Roots Class, the Deliverance and Spiritual Healing Class, the 5-Fold Ministry Training, and attending a few Burnt-Offering Services, I’ve come to a greater awareness and appreciation for the blessings and securities we have by being in covenant with God. Truth in the Spirit is indeed, God-breathed and God-ordained to edify and equip us to do the work of ministry.”

Kim Thompson

“I have been a partner with Truth in Spirit for several years and I must say that it has been a privilege and a blessing to partner with such a dynamic ministry.  Truth in Spirit has been a tremendous vehicle in helping me connect to my Jewish spiritual roots.  The teachings I have received are thought-provoking and offers an opportunity to know our Messiah and His Word through a Hebraic mindset.  I have also had the opportunity to meet and fellowship with some beautiful men and women of God.  Thank you, Apostle Markita, for allowing Messiah to use you to shed light and revelation to the truth of this Word.”

Jakadi Trotter

“THE TRUTH IN THE SPIRIT has been a place for me to start on a journey that I never knew I needed. A journey in God for me to seek out HIS truths. A journey for me to dive deeper into God from where I REALLY was and not where I thought I was. T.I.S. is a place for me where the people are more like family and love you as such, who support and help you grow from where you are. I’m grateful to God for blessing me to encounter such a ministry.”