The Company of Apostles and Prophets

The Company of Apostles and Prophets

The Company of Apostles and Prophets regionally (in Tidewater, VA) and globally (remotely) is a gathering of five-fold ministers reminiscent of the Company of Prophets in the Old Covenant and the continuing the Acts of the Apostles in the New Covenant. It is designed to bring together all of God’s fivefold ministers to fulfill the apostolic and prophetic mandates of God in this season.

Under the leadership of powerful prophets like Samuel or Elijah, the Company of Prophets in the Old Covenant came together to train and equip the prophets in Israel and share the prophetic responsibilities in the land. 

In the New Covenant, Yeshua trained and sent forth the original Apostles, who set apart five-fold ministers throughout Israel and the nations.  These men and women changed the world forever, as we see in the Acts of the Apostles. 

Join us as we gather to focus on connecting with each other and cultivating the vision. Learn about the objectives that God has set before us all: to establish, counsel, train, minister, intercede, communicate and complete Kingdom assignments individually and collectively.

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