Minister Tamara Barnes 
December 31, 2020

After a season of spending time intensely in His presence,  God had been speaking to me about various subjects and in various ways. He showed me a series of events in dreams, some of which I was not permitted to share some I could only share with certain people. On November 28 the Lord spoke these words as He had been calling and drawing many to fast, pray and intercede: These are specific things that had been lingering among the Believers and were grieving the heart of God.

Hear ye Church of the Living God.
You have tolerated that agent Jezebel long enough. She has brought accusation of you before my courts and it stands that:
-You have closed my altars and left my children unhealed, undelivered, and captives to their sins
-You have robbed me in tithes and offerings and left my House and its inhabitants in need, replacing my agenda of production with your productions
-You have turned your children over to debauchery allowing them to be groomed by perversion, taught in unrighteousness and molded for Satan’s army, an army that fights My Truth and raises the lie of self-gratification
-You have ushered in thieves in the pulpit for a come up, fast talking false teachers and false prophets with an agenda to build their kingdom while my kingdom lies in ruin
-You have debased my name out of fear and tolerance for the inclusive agenda that there are many ways but does my word not say I am the way the truth and the life
-You crowned Jezebel and gave her a coronation while the crown of infirmity ravishes the bodies of people who don’t know me
-You tolerate, tolerate, tolerate, her agenda to uplift man before me and make idols of figure heads. have you not read you shall have no other Gods before me?

Woe to you who call good evil and evil good
Woe to you who jest at their lies spewed against Me, you snicker and squirm and remain silent
Open your mouth, let not your tongue be bridled as lies pass from ear to ear
I have sent warning after warning for you to Awaken. I have sent you wake up calls yet you do not answer nor heed my instruction
Arise, wake your children, assemble together in your space of sacredness, make yourself an altar of prayer.

Repent before Me and I will hear, I will have mercy.

Word of the Lord 2021

2020 was the Qualifier. It formed the infrastructure for setting you up for your position, office, and assignment. I have seen your diligence in maintaining a posture to hear my next steps for you in this season. Chaos and confusion came to ravage your faith and trust in Me, yet you persevered; keeping your eyes fixed on the future; beyond every hurdle and obstacle that came to trip you up. The terrain was rocky and full of debris but you tilled to make it ripe for fruit to take root for 2021. You will need to abide in Me at a level beyond your own strength. I have been preparing you even through the turmoil and uncertainty and it is worth celebrating but not just yet. You must pivot for what is to come. 

The purging and pruning of 2020 removed those things and people who were dead in me to make room for my agenda and those called because of a willing heart that was not tainted with self-righteousness, self-pity, self-admiration, egotism, exhibitionism, and self-promotion. These things have been tolerated among my people as identifying Me. This is not Me. Out of the crucible of refining; the battle has been intense but the principles of Truth have pinned you as mine [ I saw people lined up and getting rank pinned on them and heard the song Have You Been Tried in The Fire and Did You Come Through as Pure Gold]

For many appeared with new titles as if I had ordained them Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher [I saw people changing their social media status to these titles] but I do not know them. They have not sat in the circle of my counsel absorbing my nature but they have sat, feasted day to day under the counsel of the False Prophet of the Airways, spewing fear, division and lies. They do not belong to Me and I was not in their social status of deception.

You, the one who colored outside the lines of the system and have been ostracized, have raised the standard of my Ecclesia. Hungry sheep in their desperation looked to be fed and could not find a pulpit of fine sustenance so I shut the doors for the emergence of a New Breed who dwelled in the secret place of prayer, intercession, and worship and fasting for instruction. Now these ones are fortified as a life line for the ones who have not awakened to my Truth [ I heard the song Throw Out the Life Line, Throw Out the Life Line, Someone Is Drifting Away. Throw Out the Life Line Throw Out the Life Line, Someone IS Sinking Today] 

Throw out the life line of love, compassion and truth and pull the lost ones back to shore. Set up your altars, make your house houses of prayer for a time of great trying and testing is coming. So, gird up your loins, fashion your weapons of love, joy, peace in your hearts. Keep you eyes fixed on Me, do not be swayed by the Heralds of fear. Prepare my precious ones. Have I not told you to “Teach them Diligently”?  (Debut 6:7, 11:19)For they are the future Builders and Watchers. [Note: It is imperative that not only you memorize scripture but have your children memorize scripture]

Both these words are for a different set of people, one set we do not want to be found under. I have had visions and dreams of cities burning including DC where I saw buildings and monuments coming down under intense fire. I have seen illness plague not only this nation but other nations globally for possibly 3 more years. Not every region will be touched by everything and not everyone will be touched by everything. There is a Goshen for Gods people. It is imperative that we are seeking God about our part and for supernatural solutions and strategies for every area of our lives and more.