Elder Frederika Jones

Acts 17:28 – ‘for in Him we live and move and exist.’ Indeed, as some of the poets among you have said, ‘We are actually His children.’

When I read this passage of scripture, it reminds me of dancing.  Dancing requires us to move in rhythm with our dance partner.  Rhythm means movement or procedure with uniform or patterned recurrence of a beat, accent, or the like. 

When two are dancing, with one leading and the other one following, the movement is smooth and flows with the music.  However, when both try to lead the movement does not flow with the music.  There is no rhythm, one person is moving to the left, the other one is moving right.  Instead of being smooth, the movement is disjointed, uncomfortable and jerky.

As we travel along this journey called life, on our way to eternity people have selected different dance partners.

Some have chosen to dance with the world with Satan as their partners.  They fail to pay attention to which direction of eternity they are dancing toward.  Instead, they dance to the music that feeds their flesh, grabbing whatever dance partner that makes them feel good rather than what is good for them.  

Then, there are those who have chosen Yahushua as their dance partner.  But instead of letting Him lead, they attempt to lead.  While Yahushua moves to the right they move left.  Movement is disjointed, uncomfortable and jerky because the dance couple is dancing to different music and moving in different directions.  They choose not to surrender to Yahushua.

On the other hand, there are those of us who live, move and have our being in Yahushua.  We understand that dancing with Him requires us to move in rhythm with Him – when He moves right, we move right.  When He moves left, we move left.  When He is still, we are also still.  

Dancing with Yahushua requires us to dance to His music that created and sustains the world – Yahweh’s (God) Word, Will and Way.  In order to ensure that our dance moves with Yahushua are always smooth we have to stay tuned to the Kingdom of God Network: Loving Abba – God the Father, Following Yahushua, the Messiah – God the Son and Listening To Ruach HaKodesh – God the Holy Spirit.  

We trust them to lead us in the right direction toward eternity.  As we journey with them, Yahushua holds us upright when life spins us around, moves us out of our comfort zone or throws us curve balls when we are expecting slow balls.

Indeed, as some of the poets among you have said, ‘We are actually His children.’

We are children of Elohim, God Most High, and He expects us to live like we belong to Him.