God’s Fire is Coming!  Will it destroy His people or refine us as Family, Priests & Rulers? 

Yesterday, I shared a very passionate sermon titled “Family, Priests, Rulers”.  This word signaled a turning point in the Body of Believers, as we are called to restore the family of God and heal our own families in order to be holy priests of Messiah whom He can use during His Millennial Reign as righteous rulers.  This is an important word for everyone in the Body of Believers, but especially leaders, as we must step up to answer God’s call.

At the end of the sermon, I prayed for a transference of the Joseph, Davidic and Abrahamic anointings we received in Israel, as these anointings are essential to answer the call from God to be family, priests and rulers. Watch yesterday’s Temple Service and share it with others, so that we can truly repent as a Body and get into position as His righteous priests in the earth.  This is just the beginning!  Much more is to come!

Temple Service:  “Family, Priests, Rulers”