The Judgment of Dan and Pulling Down Idols

While we were in Israel, God revealed a lot to us and called us to a great work with many facets.  In our Israel Debriefing for the Priesthood Academy International and Ecclesia Network of Ministries, I shared everything God called us to do while in Jerusalem, which was the first leg of our mission.  However, He also called us to the high place on Mount Carmel to cast down idols.  This was the second leg of our mission, and something we must continue to do until Messiah returns.

On Saturday, I shared God’s call for Jews and Christians to return to His ways. This was out of Isaiah 65 and 65, and it begins with a casting down of all idols.  If you have not watched that sermon, you may do so here: 

Temple Service: “Return to His Ways”

Today, during Bible study, God called for Hebrew Israelites to come out of the idolatry of Dan, which leads to judgment, and into the anointing of Joseph.  You’ll recall that this anointing is for the salvation of Israel, but it flows out of forgiveness of our brothers.  All of us must forgive and respond to the call of God to fulfill our destiny:  the United States of America was established to lift up Israel and take the Gospel to the four corners of the earth.  African Americans, in particular, are at the tip of the spear, as we are being sent by God to minister the Good News to Israel.  We must lead this effort because Israelis receive the Gospel from African Americans better than from anyone else.  This is because that which comes out of us is identical to that which is in Israel:  both groups are overcomers who have endured 400 years of slavery in a land not their own, an international diaspora, and the loss of millions of lives in a terrible event (Holocaust, Shoah, Maafa).

We cannot answer this call collectively if we are filled with the enemy’s new form of replacement theology and a bitterness toward European Jews, which is flowing out of the Hebrew Israelite Movement.  Today’s Bible study is a prophetic picture of what is happening in the Hebrew Israelite Movement and a call to return to God’s ways.  This is a must-watch video!  Watch it here and share it with others:

“God Speaks:  The Judgment of Dan”