(The Seers Notebook, TG Barnes Received June 26, 2019 from a series of dreams and visions from the Lord)

Justice for the Children, Peace for the Families Heart

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”
-Matthew 18:6

God is about to wreck paradigms and systems that have exploited children. The years of parents travailing for their children have been heard. His heart is broken for the little ones. For their destinies and purposes were forbidden and stolen from the Kingdom of Heaven. Illegal breaches through their exploitation has stolen the innocence of their minds, bodies, and souls but God is bringing closure. He is calling the Annas- the Spiritual Activist- to turn down their plates and lay prostrate in the temple to contend for the minds, bodies, and souls of the children. Across nations you have defiled the little ones; but no more! I am bringing Justice! Set up a vigil before my presence and contend for the children for the time has come, a season of closure is opening for their families. Their children are coming home in death and in life. I am sending closure!

In the spirit I saw detectives who were riddled with guilt over unsolved cases get awakened to push past the guilt and fight to solve cases of the Milk Carton Children. Cases from the 50s. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s will get a spotlight shined on them because of new evidence and guilt-ridden culprits’ confessions. Runaways are coming home and where they are not welcomed God have carved a path to gain a new life with new families. The missing and exploited children across nations will be rescued by seemingly unusual circumstances. I saw houses in pristine neighborhoods, where men and women dressed in suits and business attire were coming and going in normal fashion but were brokering the sale of babies, children, teens. They will be exposed and Officials in High Places who have used, abused and bought these children will be exposed. The Wall is coming down, the system has been breached and logs and transactions will be uncovered through corporations, banks, government entities to the Highest levels. Hospitals that have brokered the sale of babies will come down. Where young girls have been told their babies died in childbirth, they will be recompensed with the revealing of the life of their very much alive children. Who will contend for the children? Closure is coming for families. The vulnerable and the marginalized children will get justice. Thought to be the least, God says they have my heart. They are my treasures. What then has He to say for those who have done injustice to these little ones? He has held His peace but shall Roar over them with His anger for everyone unrepentant. He will destroy and devour every system and they Will Lay Waste in their Exposure! Get ready!