The Body of Believers is still in Joshua chapter 5 prophetically.  On Saturday, we consecrated ourselves to God, which is reminiscent of the children of Israel being circumcised in Gilgal (Joshua 5:2-8).  As He said to them, God speaks to us, “Today, I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you.” (Joshua 5:10)  We have been set free from religion, man’s traditions, paganism, bondage and all manner of sin.  Watch our Consecration Service on Saturday and join us in dedicating yourself to God, in preparation for Passover. 

Temple Service:  Consecration of the Body of Messiah

Tomorrow night, we will observe the Passover in the Year of the Shaking.  This is not like any other Passover we’ve experienced before!  We continue to walk out Joshua chapter 5, and we will go into every promise of God after the Feast of Unleavened Bread.  Watch today’s Bible study to gain a full understanding of the significance of this Feast season.

To learn more about this, watch today’s Bible study:  God Speaks:  Preparing for the Passover in the Year of the Shaking