Ecclesia 2019 (Newport News)

On Saturday, March 16, we experienced a tremendously powerful move of God in “Ecclesia 2019: Thy Kingdom Come” in Newport News!  Our spiritual authority was activated to reclaim territory in the United States and rise up in Tidewater, VA to lead this nation. Things will not be the same in this upcoming year.  Our Messiah is soon to return, and God is making the necessary shifts in every area to prepare for Messiah’s return.  We are among those who are preparing the way.  You’ve got to join us!

We recorded the entire video of “Ecclesia 2019: Thy Kingdom Come” in Newport News, and it is a must-see video.  You need to be activated in your spiritual authority as well, and join us in saying “yes” to all that God is doing in this season to advance His Kingdom on earth.  The Kingdom is within you.  Be empowered as a Kingdom ambassador to establish, plant and position in preparation for the Millennial Reign of our King. 


Ecclesia 2019 (Gloucester)

On Saturday, March 23, we experienced next-level power and revelation at “Ecclesia2019:  Thy Kingdom Come” in Gloucester!  I didn’t’ think it was possible, but it was even better than our gathering last week in Newport News.  God continues to confirm the importance of First Nations people in His end-time moves.  He also propelled us deeper into His will of Kingdom advancement in preparation for the return of our King!  There were more prophetic words released to the Body than I can recount in this email, so I suggest you watch it yourself. 


Apostle Medina Marble of Antioch House of Hope hosts this gathering. Apostle Markita Brooks preaches on “When His Kingdom Comes Part 2: Reign”. Apostle Jacinta Walker shares about prophetic acts and reclaiming territory for the Kingdom of God.

Ecclesia 2019 (Prince George)

We are preparing for the Millennial Reign of our King! On Saturday, March 30, we experienced further instruction and revelation at “Ecclesia2019:  Thy Kingdom Come” in Prince George.  During the Shaking, God wants His people to:

  • establish His ways in the earth,
  • plant Kingdom establishments, and
  • position God’s people for Kingdom advancement!


The Truth In The Spirit continues to minister at the 3rd Ecclesia event for 2019. Apostle Markita Brooks concludes her sermon series “When the Kingdom Comes, Part 3: Dwell”. Pastor Rudolph Jones, Sr. hosts this service at the Disputanta Community Center

Vision and Fire Conference
(An Ecclesia Extension)

Repair the Breaches and Rekindle the Fire

As an extension to Ecclesia 2019, Apostle Jacinta held her annual Vision and Fire Conference in Virginia Beach, VA on Saturday, April 6. The Truth and the Spirit were in attendance to support, worship and pray into the region. This video starts at the transition into the Prophetic Moment for the Virginia Beach region, just like Ecclesia.

Video (Part 1)

The Truth In The Spirit supports Overflow Ministries in their annual worship gathering for the Body of Messiah. Prophetic words released through many vessels and a response to heaven released in worship. Sermon by Apostle Jacinta. For more info, visit

Video (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of Overflow Ministries’ annual conference. Leaders share next steps and connections. Elder Rochelle Pailin offers a praise dance. Bishop Jesse Featherston shares his sermon. We do not own the copyrights to the worship songs.