10-year Prophecy Being Fulfilled!  Revealed at our Prophetic Israel Conference!

The glory of the Lord was made manifest in our Prophetic Israel Conference yesterday!

  • Prophetess Nikkie did an excellent job preparing for and facilitating this gathering of congregations in Tidewater, VA!  What a blessing!
  • Min. Kennesha Walker shared a powerful prophetic poem that truly revealed God’s heart and His call to us in this season.
  • Watson & Michelle David led us right into the Throne Room of God with anointed worship.
  • Pastor Tamara Nichols and the Yielded Vessels of Sure Foundation Kingdom Ambassadors ministered a prophetic dance and dramatization that warned us to prepare for Messiah and taught us how to do so.  I continually referred to this dance throughout my sermon.
  • The prayer for Israel at the end of the service was truly a blessing and accomplished God’s Kingdom Agenda for the evening!

Between the prophetic dance and the prayer, I delivered a message titled “Branches of Zion”.  In this message, I shared revelation of what it will mean to be a Branch of Zion in the Millennial Reign, and I released a call for ministries to truly be Branches of Zion now.  An important highlight of this message was a review of a prophecy I received during my first mission to Israel, then shared in our newsletter on August 20, 2009.  That is 10 years ago this month.  In the revelation, I saw many things, one of which was a global map with connected dots all over the world.  You can view the picture I created of the vison below.  Some of the dots in my vision were connected to each other in networks and some of the networks were connected to Israel.  However, all of them were not.  The dots were ministries.  The networks were denominations, ministry networks, etc.  The Lord revealed to me that the ministries that were connected to networks that were not connected to Israel were not connected to the Kingdom of God and must get connected to Israel before the Millennial Reign of Messiah.  Then I also saw a menorah (lampstand), and the Lord revealed each ministry being a branch on this lampstand, designed to lift up (exalt) Yeshua (the lamp), who magnifies the Father (the light).  The warning, however, is that our lampstand can be removed and our ministries can be cut off as branches. 

Watch the Prophetic Israel Conference in its entirety

United Nations for Israel

Another amazing revelation is that I am now the vice delegate for the United States of America to the United Nations for Israel.  This is the organization that is hosting the convention of nations in Jerusalem during Sukkot this year, which is why I’m going back to Israel in October.  This organization is consciously preparing for the return of Messiah through fulfilling Zechariah 14:16 now and bringing sheep nations to align with God’s Kingdom in Jerusalem.  If you go to the United Nations for Israel’s website, you will see that their homepage has a global map with a menorah on top of Israel and lines from the menorah going out to the nations!  The United Nations for Israel is fulfilling the call that I received 10 years ago in Israel and it is depicted on their homepage!  You can see the picture of the global map below and click on it to visit their homepage at https://unitednationsforisrael.org/.

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