We’re at WAR! Let’s Take Communication Back from the Enemy!

Last Wednesday’s Bible study on Reclaiming the Narrative began a move of God to introduce His voice into every area of our society.  The enemy was not happy!  Since then, we have experienced serious warfare in the areas of technology and communication, but we’re going on the offensive.

On Saturday, we had a very powerful Coffeehouse Peace Talks, at which 4 of us shared our stories revealing why God is raising us up in this hour to reclaim the narrative.  However, during our 3rd testimony, a very moving story about deliverance from homosexuality, both the YouTube Channel and FaceBook Live shut down.  The YouTube broadcast completely ended, and so did the FaceBook Live.  We resumed the broadcast on FaceBook Live, but it shut down again.  We didn’t even know until after the gathering that the YouTube Channel had stopped broadcasting and recording.  The portions of the Coffeehouse Peace Talks that we could salvage were combined into this video, but it is really incomplete and goes in and out:

Coffeehouse Peace Talks: Tell Your Story – Parts I and II

Then on Sunday, I tried uploading the video for our Kingdom Pillars Coaching ALL day.  It was not until 8pm, that the video finally became available.  I have also experienced warfare in my family’s health, my rest and our finances.  The enemy can fight all he wants against this move of God, but we are NOT going to let that stop us!

Today’s Bible study is focused on our fight against the enemy to reclaim the narrative.  It is titled, “God Speaks:  Take Back Communication”.  In it, I share the areas wherein we must take back communication (in our hearts, minds, mouths and in the air).  I also revealed how we must take back our communication with God, our spouses and all other members of our global community.  Watch today’s Bible study here.

God Speaks:  Take Back Communication