God is bringing us into all of His promises, but it is for His purposes.  He’s going out before us to ensure victory.  However, we must be postured for victory.  There is a specific position and mindset that we must adopt in order to walk into victory in this season.  As with the children of Israel in Joshua chapter 10, God will allow our enemies to join forces to attack us, just to reveal all that He wants to give to us.  We’re taking the land and occupying it for the Kingdom of God.  Watch yesterday’s Temple Service to learn how to walk in victory in this season.

Temple Service:  Postured for Victory

Deliverance & Transformation help to secure Victory

We must be delivered from fear, low self-esteem and all other hindrances to walk in victory during the Shaking.  For this reason, God commanded me to compile our Burnt Offerings teachings and worksheets into a workbook to provide to His people globally for FREE.  It includes the video link for the training and burnt offerings deliverance we experienced during our 7th Day of Unleavened Bread Service this year.  You can download it at www.burntoffering.org.  However, I was also commanded to share our Deliverance and Spiritual Healing Training with all of His people as well for only $27.  This training is additional edification for God’s people to move in your own deliverance and that of others.  It is essential in the Body right now that we move in deliverance.  
The Deliverance and Spiritual Healing Training includes training on:
• Defining Strongholds  
• Identifying Strongholds in Oneself  
• Encountering Strongholds During Team Ministry  
• Identifying & Shattering Strongholds  
• Changing Mindsets  
• Destroying Systems  
• The Full Armor of God  
• Using Your Spiritual Authority
You can only access the Deliverance and Spiritual Healing Ministry Training for $27 after downloaded the Burnt Offerings Workbook or at this link:  https://truthinspirit.lpages.co/deliverance.

Deliverance, however, is only half of the equation.  God’s people must also be transformed by the renewing of our minds, especially with regard to wealth and finances to have complete victory!  Through Kingdom Wealth, LLC, I’ve created 2 resources that the Lord wants me to get into your hands in this season:  the 7-Day Coach & the Wealth Creation Activation.  The 7-Day Coach is a video coaching series sharing God’s model for life and business as revealed in the 7 days of Creation and through the examples of Abraham and Yeshua (Jesus).  EVERY believer needs to know this, which is why it is a FREE resource!  The Wealth Creation Activation is a 30-day video coaching series designed to help you discover the power to create wealth that God has placed within you, activate your power to create wealth and free you from that which would sabotage your blessings. 
The Wealth Creation Activation, includes:
• 5 days of freedom from Mammon,
• “The Power to Create Wealth” Workshop,
• “Wealth Destroyers” Workshop, and
• 21 life-changing days of activation through Scriptures, prayer, worship and a Daniel fast.
You can download the 7-Day Coach for free at www.7day.coach and order the Wealth Creation Activation for the special low price of $37 also.  To get the Wealth Creation Activation for $37 (it’s regularly priced at $97), you must order it after downloading the 7-Day Coach or use this link:  https://kingdomwealth.lpages.co/activation.