Your King is Coming to You, Are You Ready?

This is the Word of the LORD as He gave it to me, Markita M. Smith, from July 27th to August 20th, 2009. On December 28, 2009, the LORD amended this word in my spirit, and I amended it in this document.

Scriptural Basis—Isaiah chapter 66 and Zechariah chapter 14 with references to other prophecies in Isaiah, Zechariah, Daniel, Malachi and Revelation


1)  This message is for right now.  The existence of the state of Israel, the current rise and return of the children of Israel to the Land (Aliyah), and acceptance of the Jewish Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) by Jewish people are all signs that the prophecies referenced are being fulfilled in our time.  (Isaiah 66:8 and Isaiah 32:12-15)

2)  This message is for all of us.  Three groups are addressed in Isaiah chapter 66:  pre-believing Jews, Messianic believers and the Nations.  Everyone on earth fits into one of these three groups.  (See message below.)

3)  This message is as much about the natural realm as it is about the spiritual realm.  When Messiah comes, He will rule in the spiritual and natural realms, joining the two together.  (Isaiah 66:22-24, Zechariah ch. 14 and Revelation ch. 20)

4)  This is the end of the matter.  The Scripture basis for this message is Isaiah chapter 66, the last chapter of the Book of Isaiah.  There are also 66 books in the Bible.  These numbers reveal that God is not going to speak any more to mankind.  We have already received all that He wants to speak to us.  The 66 books of the Bible are ordained to carry us until the new heaven and the new earth replace the old heaven and the old earth, until the new Jerusalem comes down out of heaven from God, until the old order of things passes away (Isaiah 66:22 and Revelation 21:1-4).  When all things become new, we will enter into our 7 7s (Jubilee — a Sabbath of Sabbaths, see Leviticus 25:8-8-12 & Hebrews 4:9-10).  This revelation, like all other true revelations in this hour, is released only to explain that which God has already spoken in the 66 books of Scripture, and it specifically addresses the end of our time while preparing us for a new beginning.

The Message—How must we get ready for the coming of King Yeshua (Jesus)?

Note:  This message is for three different groups.  Each group is represented by one of the first three letters in the Hebrew alefbet.  The letter for the group tells something about the group, as does the number of commands given to the group.  The two groups receiving 3
commands are a part of the three-fold purposes of God, whether they submit or not.  The one group receiving 7 commands is walking in a completion of God’s will for them.

א Group Alef—Pre-believing Jews (Isaiah 66:1-4)

Alef is the first letter of the Hebrew alefbet.  Pre-believing Jews are the first group addressed because they represent the beginning of the Judeo-Christian faith.  The three points below complete the message we should share with them.  If we point them back to His Word and His Spirit, He will draw them to Messiah Yeshua. 1)  The Lord does not want a temple erected for worship of Him that includes animal sacrifices.  Instead of relying on past relationship with Him and past revelation from Him, the Lord wants to draw His people to call upon Him for fresh revelation of the type of temple He wants rebuilt in the Land.  (Isaiah 66:1 & 3, Isaiah 43:18-28 and Isaiah 2:1-5) 2)  Do not rely on the works of your hands to redeem you.  Instead, humble yourselves before Him and express deep sorrow for your sins.  Return to His Word and seek His will.  (Isaiah 66:2, Joel 2:12-27) 3)  You are the temple of the Living God, in which He desires to dwell by His Spirit.  Stop choosing your own way (in your choices, your beliefs and personal/national decisions), so that you can hear the call of the Spirit of God and respond.  He wants to speak to you, His Spirit wants to live within you.  By His Spirit, He will build His temple in you individually and direct the rebuilding of His physical temple and His people Israel in the Land He chose for Himself.  (Isaiah 66:3-4, Isaiah 44:1-5, Joel 2:28-32 and Zechariah 4:6-9)

ב Group Bet—Messianic believers, both Jews and Gentiles (Isaiah 66:5-11)

Bet is the second letter of the Hebrew alefbet, and it means “house”.  Messianic believers—Jews who believe in Yeshua (Jesus) and Gentiles believers who are grafted into the Jewish roots of our faith—make up this group, and together they fulfill Ephesians 2:11-22, in which Yeshua removes the dividing wall between Jews and Gentiles and builds us up together into a house in which God dwells by His Spirit.  Sh’ma—Hear the Word of the Lord.

1)  He knows you are mocked and persecuted; He will repay.  (Isaiah 66:5)
2)  Do not mourn what others mourn—you do not need a temple for sacrifices, so do not wail over the broken down wall.  Instead, mourn over those who are lost in rebellion toward ADONAI (the LORD) and facing His judgment.  You have been delivered from judgment by grace; do not return to the bondage of striving for redemption by your works or your religious acts and symbols.  (Isaiah 66:6)
3)  The Lord will bring Israel to full birth.  He would not recreate the nation just to abandon her or leave her devoid of His Spirit.    (Isaiah 66:7-9)
4)  So, rejoice with Jerusalem; this is the time to lift up your heads because your redemption is near.  You will see the King rule the world in righteousness from Jerusalem.  (Isaiah 66:10, Isaiah 32:1, Isaiah 33:10-22 and Zechariah 9:9-10)
5)  Let your teaching come from Zion; be fed in Jerusalem.  Receive your nourishment directly from her and no other place.  “Zion” means “highest point”, the mountain of the LORD that is raised above all other mountains.  His standards are higher than those of the world and those of religious systems.  Reject pagan “church” teachings; reject rabbinical Judaism that does not conform to Torah; reject man’s wisdom from western cultures.  Restrict yourselves to the Word of the LORD that comes out from Zion, to the standard set by Yah (the Name of God).  “Jerusalem”, as written in Hebrew with its derivatives, refers to “shalom” (peace, rest, wholeness) and even “Torah” (the Law of Moses).  Align yourselves with Messianic ministries in the Land, so that there will be centralized teaching from the Word of God in Zion worldwide.  (Isaiah 66:11a, Isaiah 2:3-9 & v. 22)
6)  Restrict yourselves to the word from Zion and let God use you to teach Torah to the world, so that the nations will escape His judgment (Malachi 4:4-5).  When the Messiah returns to rule the world from Jerusalem, He will appoint you as judges over the lands.  Take your place as judges and rulers in the earth now, by fighting the spirit of Greece.  Begin to walk in that calling now by correcting the error and falsehood that has been spread throughout the earth by the spirit of Greece, which is man’s reason.  This spirit is described in Daniel 7:6 and all of Daniel ch. 8.  It is this spirit that is responsible for truth being thrown to the ground (Daniel 8:12) and it is closely identified with western mindsets and replacement theology in the Church.  (Isaiah 66:11a, Zechariah 9:11-16 especially verse 13, Isaiah 1:25-26 and Isaiah 32:1-2)
7)  Call forth for the wealth of the nations to be brought to Israel.  As the nations are obedient in blessing Israel, ministry can proceed in Israel, from which you will benefit directly.  Receive from her abundant overflow.  (Isaiah 66:11b and Zechariah 9:11-12)

ג Group Gimel—The Nations, to include The Church (Isaiah 66:12-21)

Gimel is the third letter of the Hebrew alefbet, and it is the first letter in the word “Goyim,” which means “Gentiles”.  When God looks at the world, He only sees two people groups:  Jews and Gentiles.  These people groups make up the two national groups He sees:  Israel and the Nations.  All those who have not allowed themselves to be grafted into Israel will be considered a part of the Nations when Messiah returns.  For the “Church” to prepare for the Messiah’s return, she must fulfill the following three commands before His coming.  After faithful fulfillment of these commands, she will be considered a part of Group Bet, which is grafted into Israel.

1)  Tithe to Israel—bring your wealth into her.  Individuals and ministries should tithe to Israel to help reestablish the central location of Messiah’s worldwide rule.  These funds should go directly to Messianic ministries, so that the Kingdom of God is advanced.  (Isaiah 66:12a, Isaiah 60:5-12, Romans 15:27, Malachi 3:1-12, Numbers 18:25-29 and Nehemiah 10:37-39)

2)  Be fed (taught) like little children by Israel (Messianic believers in Israel and elsewhere worldwide who are connected to Israel) to get knowledge, revelation and understanding.  This will require humble submission and admitting that new teaching is needed to be grafted into Israel.  (Isaiah 66:12b, Isaiah 56:2-8, Romans 11:13-21, Malachi 3:13-4:4)

3)  Come to Israel and help Jews come too.  This is called “Aliyah”, a rise and return to Yah (God) in the Land.  (Isaiah 66:19-21, Isaiah 56:7, Isaiah 60:4 & 9 and Malachi 4:5-6)

As the Church complies with the will of God by fulfilling these three commands, she will identify herself with Israel, allowing God to fully graft the Gentile Church into the Jewish-rooted Olive Tree (as described in Romans chapter 11).  This will inspire repentance for atrocities committed by the Church among the Nations against God’s people Israel.  In her mournful repentance, God will draw the Church into Israel and comfort her with His promises to restore Jerusalem during the reign of Messiah.  The restoration of the Church will then become inextricably bound up with the restoration of Israel (Isaiah 66:13-14, Ruth 1:16-17 & 4:13-22, also Esther 4:12-16).

There will be members of the Church who refuse to obey these commands of God and remain estranged from, and even hostile toward, Israel.

Their failure to comply will cause them to be an enemy of Israel and of God, for everyone must choose a side.  (Isaiah 66:14-17, Matthew 25:31-46 and Malachi 4:1-6)  Those members of the Church who refuse to submit to the commands of God now will be numbered with the Nations and counted as enemies of King Yeshua when He returns to rule the world from Jerusalem.  The countries not connected with Israel will be counted as the Nations as well, and the Nations will fulfill these three mandates even in their rebellion toward God.  Refusal to submit opens the hearts of the Gentiles to rebel against the reign of the King and despise His people Israel, which will result in the following: 3) The nations will come—All nations will come to Israel as they are gathered to fight against Jerusalem.  (Isaiah 66:18 and Zechariah 14:2) 2)  The survivors among the nations will be taught—The survivors of those nations will make an annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem to worship the King, according to the Torah (Ex. 34:22-23 & Deut. 16:16-17), or they will not get rain.  (Isaiah 66:23 and Zechariah 14:16) 1)  Israel will receive the wealth of the nations—The nations will be plundered of their wealth after Israel is victorious, when Messiah Yeshua returns to defend her against the nations.  (Isaiah 66:24 and Zechariah 14:13-14)

The word for the nations, to include the Church, is to decide now to submit to King Yeshua and side with Israel or be forced into submission when He returns and judges you for fighting on the wrong side.

The World Map Vision

During a prayer vigil at a Messianic congregation in the United States on July 27th, 2009, I received a vision. I saw a world map, and there were lines connecting places in the world to Israel.  Some lines were connected to lines extending to Israel, and other lines were directly connected to Israel.  I saw other lines connected to each other but not extending at all to Israel. This is a specific revelation for the Body of Messiah.

In that vision, the Lord revealed to me that preparation for the Messiah’s return includes connecting to and submitting to Israel.  Believers do this by fulfilling the three commands above:  bringing wealth to Israel, being taught by Israel and coming to Israel.  Individuals and ministries that are connected to Israel in this way are connected to the Kingdom of God and Messiah’s millennial reign on earth.  Individuals and ministries that are not connected to Israel in this way are NOT connected to the Kingdom of God and Messiah’s millennial reign on earth.

The Chupah (Hoopa) and Menorah Visions

While in Israel on August 7th, 2009, during a Shabbat fellowship prayer on Friday night, I saw a vision of a chupah (hoopa) that was squeezed together and then pulled straight by its four corners before me (by spiritual hands, not the hands of man).  There were tassels at the four corners of the chupah.  It was made of a dark blue velvety material, and in the middle of it was a white Star of David.  As I watched, the chupah was laid flat and lowered before a globe.  The globe immediately separated in the middle (at the place of the equator), and the chupah was placed in between the two halves of the globe.  Then the globe halves came back together again around the chupah.  I understand the chupah to represent the marriage of the Bride to her Bridegroom.  However, the Bride is defined in this vision as the state of Israel (Isaiah 54:5 & 11-13).  The state of Israel will be the dividing point of the nations.  The whole world will be divided by whether or not it stands with Israel and, thus, with the Messiah, her Bridegroom.

The next day during prayer at a Shabbat service in Israel, I saw a golden menorah (lampstand) before me.  The base of the menorah was highlighted and the Hebrew letters that spell the word “Israel” were inscribed upon the base.  Through previous study, the Lord has revealed the golden menorah that was kept in the tabernacle and the temple to be a sign of the Body of Messiah and its seven congregations (Revelation 1:20).  The congregations lift up Yeshua, who is the Lamp, and He illuminates the Father, who is the Light (Revelation 21:23).  Seeing the menorah—which is the Body of Messiah—being labeled “Israel” revealed to me the merging of the two groups in these days.  Please know that God is not replacing Israel with the Body of Believers, but uniting us by grafting the Body into Israel (Romans 11:1-32, Ephesians 2:11-22 and Malachi 4:5-6).  

Not only was the menorah labeled “Israel”, but “Israel” was written in Hebrew letters at the base of the menorah (as shown in the picture to the left), connoting the Hebrew foundation of the Body of Believers.  Our return to this foundation is the building up of the Bride (the Body of Believers and the nation of Israel).  In these days, the Messiah is uniting the Body of Believers with the state of Israel, as all Israel will be saved (Romans 11:26).  As the Body of Believers reconnects with her Hebrew foundation, the Gentile believers can finally provoke Jews to jealousy (Deuteronomy 32:21) and the Jewish believers can finally be priests to the nations (Exodus 19:5-6).  You will note that I cannot read Hebrew.  I spent the next few days looking for this menorah I had seen in the vision, so that I would know what the letters read.  After hours of searching, I realized that I had seen it before—on the Israeli national emblem (to your right)—with the letters spelled out directly beneath it. Each dot on the world map represents a ministry.  Some ministries are/will be directly connected to Israel.  Others are/will be connected to Israel through other ministries.  However, the Lord made this clear:  ministries that are submitted to other ministries that are NOT connected to Israel in the three ways listed above, are NOT connected to the Kingdom of God on earth.  Every ministry leader is responsible for making sure your ministry is directly or indirectly connected to Israel according to the three requirements the Lord set above.  Submission under a ministry that is not connected to Israel in this way is not an excuse that is acceptable to the Lord. Individuals in ministries that are not connected to Israel may be saved because of their faith in Messiah Yeshua, but the ministries will have no place in Yeshua’s millennial reign.  Such ministries have been built on a foundation other than Messiah Yeshua, they persist in breaking the LORD’s commandments and they are teaching others to do the same (Matthew 5:17-19 and 1 Corinthians 3:10-15).  The day of Messiah’s return is the Day of the LORD, as foretold in Malachi chapter 4.  That day will burn like a furnace, and everything will be revealed by the fire.  We must remember the Law of Moses (Malachi 4:4) and teach it to God’s people.  The hearts of the children—the Church—must turn back to the fathers—Israel—or our land will be stricken with a curse (Malachi 4:5-6).