God’s Kingdom Agenda REVEALED!

At yesterday’s Temple service, I delivered a sermon titled “Kingdom Agenda” out of 2 Samuel 7:1-16.  Through this message, the Lord revealed the importance of the Davidic anointing He released to us in Israel in June this year.  We are in the same position David was in as he prepared to build the House of God and became the ancestor of Messiah, because we are called to unite the House of God and prepare the way for Messiah’s return.

In the text, God makes 5 promises to David, which He had already been fulfilling in David’s life.  You’ll see the promises below.  However, these promises were all predicated on David fulfilling the Lord’s Kingdom Agenda, which is also in the chart below.  God has promised us the same things.  However, we cannot receive the promises of God unless we are committed to fulfilling His Kingdom Agenda, and the Lord will not reveal His Kingdom Agenda to us unless we are His friends, as David was.  Review the chart below and watch the video as well to understand God’s Kingdom Agenda.  Continue watching after the sermon because I release apostolic declarations that will activate your authority so that you can fulfill God’s Kingdom Agenda.

                 Kingdom Agenda                                Promised Attached to Fulfilling It
1) Shepherd God’s people                 >>>           God will be with you wherever you go
2) Destroy God’s enemies                  >>>          God will destroy your enemies
3) Magnify God’s Name                      >>>          God will make your name and reputation great
4) Israel planted in the land & safe     >>>     God will give you rest from your enemies
5) God’s Throne established forever  >>>     God will build a house for you (generational legacy)

Watch the video below to understand how to fulfill God’s Kingdom Agenda and receive the power to do it!

Kingdom Agenda