God is Raising up Priests and
Kingdom Financiers Globally
to Build His House

I’ve been sharing with you all for some time that God is pouring out wealth and revelation to His people.  This He began on Shavuot and has not stopped.  However, I have not shared with you the long-term purpose for which God is doing this.  While He is tearing down the enemy’s kingdom in the Shaking, the Lord is also establishing His own Kingdom on earth.  He is bringing in a harvest of souls who come out of the Shaking, but He is also preparing to build a House from which Messiah will rule the world!

For 12 years, the Lord gave me visions of an end-time temple.  Some of those visions I walked through in the Spirit as He guided me.  Other visions I saw with my spiritual eyes, as He dictated dimensions and measurements.  All of this I recorded and placed on a website,  www.templeprophecy.com.  These visions became the foundation for everything we do in The Truth In The Spirit.  They have also been the driving force behind my coaching business, Kingdom Wealth, LLC

When Messiah first walked the earth, He had no place to lay His head (Matthew 8:20).  However, when He returns, He will rule the world with an iron scepter from Jerusalem (Psalm 2:6-9).  He will reign from a temple in Jerusalem, and Jerusalem will be called the Throne of the Lord (Jeremiah 3:17).  In fact, the sanctuary of God shall be Yeshua’s throne (Jeremiah 17:12).  When I saw the vision of this temple, it was in fact a throne in Jerusalem!

God is pouring out revelation and wealth to build His Kingdom in souls, but also to prepare to establish the rulership of Messiah in Jerusalem.  This is part of the reason we are going to Israel next week.  Every action we have taken in these 18 years of ministry has led us to this place.  Now is the season to make full preparations.  You can join us! 

If God has called you to the global priesthood of Messiah, to be among those who will reign with Him and help Him to establish His Kingdom on earth during the Millennial Reign, then you should prayerfully consider joining our Priesthood Academy International. 

For more on this revelation, watch today’s Bible study titled “God Speaks: I am raising up Priests and Kingdom Financiers globally to build My House” listed below. I suggest you also watch the words below in order, if you have not yet done so, because they were all building to this revelation.  In fact, everything we have done over the past 18 years in ministry has been building to this.

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