“And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved; for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be deliverance, as the Lord has said, among the survivors whom the Lord calls.” – Joel 2:32

“For if you remain silent at this time, silent at this time, for the Jews will arise relief and deliverance from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” – Esther 4:14

Reflections on our Trip

Day 1—We arrived in Israel and drove from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, where we enjoyed a Shabbat fellowship meal. As ambassadors of Israel at the Eastern Gate, our hosts prayed over us that we would receive blessings in Israel and all that Adonai had planned to do through us would be accomplished. As ambassadors of the US from the Eastern Gate (the birthplace of the nation), we prayed over our hosts that their trip to the US would accomplish all the Lord desired. We specifically empowered them, through the Spirit, to speak in divine authority everything the Lord told them to speak. The Spirit spoke through us that whoever they bless in the US (for their obedience to the will of God) would be blessed, and whoever the cursed in the US (for their disobedience to the will of God) would be cursed. Then we gave them a leaf from Lafayette Park, just outside the White House in Washington, DC, representing their divine authority to minister in the US.

Jerusalem: the Jewish, Muslim and Christian Quarters. In the Jewish Quarter, we saw the menorah that has the Temple Mount; hey are just getting in position for the time that He chooses to do it, waiting for His miraculous signs. One sign has already manifested; we were told that pure water is flowing from a rock eastward under the Temple Mount. They have tested the water and there are NO impurities in it. that this was the beginning of the fulfillment of Ezekiel 47:1-12 (see also Exodus 17:6).

Day 3—We awoke early in the morning to visit the Temple Mount in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. We were turned back in the security check because we had Bibles, stars of David and prayer scarves with Hebrew writing. When we returned, we huddled together on the Temple Mount to look at pictures, and we were questioned as to whether or not we were praying. Then we were told, quite forcefully, that we were not allowed to pray on the Temple Mount. On our trip last year, we brought our Bibles, and prayed while walking around the Dome of the Rock bare footed. Last year, there were Jewish and Muslim guards at the security check point. This year, only Muslims. Also, this year, there were NO Jewish people on the Temple Mount. Last year, there was a Jewish man calling his son, Yeshua, to come back! (We have that on video–a prophetic sign to us of Messiah’s Tomb of David in the Jewish Quarter. Just above the Tomb of David is the Upper Room, where Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) and His disciples had the Last Supper (at the end of the Passover meal) and where the apostles were gathered together on Pentecost.

Acts 2:29 came alive for us there. Peter said, “David’s tomb is here to this day,” because it was right there beneath the Upper Room! This gave even greater credence to Peter’s testimony that David was speaking of Messiah Yeshua in Psalm 16:10 when he said, “you will not abandon me to the grave, nor will you let your Holy One see decay.” (See Acts 2:27.) We also saw the Olive Tree in the Upper Room and discussed the significance of Jewish-rooted olive tree (see Romans 11 for more on the

We receive power in the Spirit when we are all gathered together in one place, Jew and Gentile, and we are connected to the Jewish roots of our faith! We left there and celebration of the life He has given us, it is a memorial to His death, as if He hasn’t risen at all. Then we heard, “Are you looking for Yeshua? He’s not here! He is risen!” We prayed at the door posts outside of the church for every Christian going into the church. We prayed and worshipped at the wall outside facing the church as well. Near the end of our prayer, we were asked by a tremendous blessing to worship in Jerusalem freely! Our team has never been able to do that since we’ve been visiting Israel, because we are usually visiting Messianic believers who must protect their identity. At the end of the service, a well-known Jewish rabbi came to speak, inviting us to explore the Jewish roots of our others like him who know a lot about Yeshua but refuse to see Him as the Messiah and Son of God, because they want to paint him in their image (as a Jewish rabbi) and they still have soul wounds from the persecution of the Church against Jewish people for thousands of years.

of Yeshua in John chapters 15 through 17 as we walked. Yeshua taught these lessons in the Kidron Valley, on His way to Gethsemane. When we arrived at the Garden of Gethsemane, on our way up the Mount of Olives, we concluded John chapter 17 and prayed for unity in the Body of Messiah (as Yeshua prayed). We walked up the Mount of Olives to the Tomb of the Prophets, near the top. There, we had an amazing encounter with Adonai! Haggai and Malachi are buried in this tomb with 48 other prophets who followed them. We read aloud from the books of Haggai and Malachi there. Then we prayed that God would raise up prophetic voices to call all of His people (Israel and the Church) to remember the Law of Moses and turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons (the Church) and the hearts of the sons to the fathers (Israel), in accordance with Malachi ch 4. If both groups return to the Law of Moses, we would be one! We concluded our prayer asking God even to anoint us as these prophetic voices to Israel and the Church! Boy, we had no idea what we were asking! After leaving the Tomb of the Prophets, we reached the top of the Mount of Olives and of the Prophets.

Day 5—In the morning, we enjoyed time at the Mediterranean Sea in Haifa. In the afternoon, we joined God’s people at Kehilat HaCarmel in intercessory prayer and worship. It was a wonderful time of prophetic revelation as we warred together in the Spirit on behalf of Israel and the United States, coming together to represent both nations! In a prophetic act, we gave to our host there, Josie Silver, the other leaf from Lafayette Park outside of the White House in Washington, DC. As ambassadors of the US from the Eastern Gate and birthplace of the nation, we declared that the US must submit to Israel as the leader among the nations, not the other way This was nations from Israel. After the service, our host took us to the high place, the very top of Mount Carmel. This is the site of Elijah’s victory over the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18. A few of us had received Words from God about this chapter of Scripture prior to our trip. Here at the high place, we could see almost all of Israel: Jezreel, the Valley of Jehoshaphat (Judgment) and the Mediterranean Sea. The Holy Spirit told us to pray for rain. Israel was experiencing a 7-year drought, and even when not in a drought, it does not rain in Israel in June, July or August! We prayed 7 times for rain: spiritual rain of salvation for Israel and natural rain upon the Land as a sign of the spiritual rain. The clouds moved in toward us and became dark, but no rain! That evening we enjoyed an awesome time of fellowship with our host and others of the family of faith on Mount Carmel.

Day 6—We headed to the Dead Sea this morning to immerse ourselves. We all floated in the salt-rich waters, surrendering ourselves to God’s purposes for us and connecting ourselves with the Land of Israel. When we left there, we drove up to the Sea of Galilee. This was a long drive through the desert with a security checkpoint that held us up for quite some time. We drove by the Jordan lost and struggled with hunger and other issues of our flesh. When we arrived at the Sea of Galilee in Tiberias, the museum we wanted to visit had just closed, so we walked around to the back of it to the pier. On the dock, we read Matthew 8:23-27 and 14:22-32 aloud. Each of us then shared the crises of faith we’ve experienced preparing for this trip and on this trip. Then we prayed for our faith to be increased and for healing to the relationships that had been strained by strife, and a strong wind blew against us from the Sea of Galilee, a refreshing wind. We knew it was the Holy Spirit!

sufficient community: growing their own food, making their own clothing and living the life they believe is roots and are now dedicated to this new way of life. We enjoyed fellowship and food, as well as a wedding ceremony, in Hebrew. The drive back to Jerusalem that night was long. There were festivities in the city and some sort of police action that prohibited us from reaching our accomodations for hours. Strife again arose among team members, and we were up late that night!

Day 8—We arose to find one of the rental cars missing! The police had moved it in order to have exclusive use of the parking lot
took responsibility for the damage. Now, we would be responsible for a $600 deductible with the rental car company and we were almost out of funds! We were encouraged by a Jewish man that God was in control. We began to really seek God and He revealed that strife had opened the door for this attack. Day 8 After prayer and reconciliation, we finally drove off to We arose to find one of the rental cars missing!, after stopping The police had moved it in order to have exclusive use of the parking lot —on the interstate and waiting 3 hours for someone to fix the rental car. We arrived in Eilat at about 8 pm on Shabbat, 9 hours late. We had missed the time we planned to spend at the tabernacle replica, the Red Sea and at a Shabbat worship service. We did enjoy a wonderful fellowship meal, however, and learned from Bishop Dominiquae Bierman that her ministry was on a 40-day fast against the spirit of Amalek. We joined their fast after dinner and stayed in their prayer tower that night.

Day 9—The next morning, we woke up at 4am for prayer. God said to us, “I will be victorious today.” Then we learned that we would need 101 shekels per person to travel into the Muslim nation of Jordan from Eilat for a meeting at which we were requested to minister. Most of us were completely out of money at this time! After much prayer, praise and fasting, God said, “You have more than enough. Are you willing to give me all that you have?” We all responded with tears and actions! We pulled out everything we had: in funds. We had more than 2,000 shekels! From that time on, we had everything in common. No one had more or less than others! We saw Acts 2:44-45 in action. The Lord then revealed to us that He had sent was for “black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics.” Before he could Day 9minister to the second group, Jews and Gentiles, he was killed. We learned on our first trip to Israel that Then —The Dr. King had planned a reconciliation mission to Israel and Jordan. He was going to lead a group of African Americans in worship on a boat on the Sea of Galilee, between Israel and Jordan. Both countries had given him freedom to move between the two nations. This is unprecedented. But it never happened. We all wept when we came to understand that God’s plan has always been to use African Americans to incite reconciliation between Jews and Muslims, Israel and Jordan! Empowered and humbled, we left Empowered and humbled, we left incite reconciliation between Jews and Eilat for Jordan. Our ministry time was powerful in Jordan. When we first arrived, one of our hosts told us Eilat for Jordan. Our ministry time was powerful in Jordan. When we first arrived, one of our hosts told us that the mountains before us were called the that the mountains before us were called the “Mountains of Strife”. Then we understood the warfare we Then we understood the warfare we . “Mountains of had experienced throughout the week, and we blessed God for the victory He had given so that we no longer had anything in common with that spirit! The believers in Jordan were experiencing strife, even that very day. We prayed over many of them and left them with strategies to pull down the stronghold of strife.

we served as volunteers. As soon as we arrived, we were told, “It rained in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. It never rains this time of year!” Our prayer had been answered after God told us He would be victorious! People all over Israel were encouraged and so were we. The first and danced intercession all night. We prayed for a release of the prophetic anointing, particularly the spirit or Elijah. We danced a prophetic warfare dance, and we saw an eagle of fire enter the room; we moved in obedience to release the fire. The next day, God moved powerfully. Israeli and Palestinian youth worshipped Messiah Yeshua in Hebrew, Arabic and English! The youth prayed for each other and built a spiritual bridge of reconciliation!

The believing youth will have to stand together against it in the spiritual and natural sense just like African Americans, Jews and many others stood against segregation in the US! In order for the youth in Israel to do this, they needed the anointing of Elijah as prophesied in Malachi ch 4! Then, they will have to come together to rebuild Jerusalem, under the anointing of Haggai! This is the anointing we received on this trip, and this is the anointing we released at Elav! Our prophetic purpose was being fulfilled. Then we saw more, a vision of New York being destroy New York to save her, I will!” Immediately, our intercession shifted to praying for the US and the United Nations as plans are created to divide Israel into a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital!

Messiah is soon to come. There is much more that must find its fulfillment.