On Friday night, November 12th, 2010, I (Markita Brooks) was taken into the heavenlies, and I saw Yeshua (Jesus) writing a letter to His Bride.
I recorded the words below.

To the One Whom I Love and Highly Favor,
I have long awaited coming to you. Please forgive me for going away, but I have gone to prepare a place for you, where we can dwell together forever. I have written to you many, many letters. Have you read them? Please, read I will return soon, and when I come, the Heavenly Hosts will accompany me. The whole world will acknowledge me as King then, and I will rule the world together with my Bride. Wait for me to come for you, meditating always on my love for you.

Prior to my arrival, things will get worse before they get better, but my word will strengthen you and my love will protect you. Though I am far away, my voice has called you, is calling you and will continue to call to you through the gift I have sent—the Holy Spirit. Did you receive my gift? Use it to listen for me always, and feel me near to you—I am ever near to you. Through my gift of the Holy Spirit, draw ever close to me, meditating always on my love for you. It was this deep and passionate love for you that kept me during my darkest hour. Though my Father sent me, and out of love I obeyed, the thought of my love for you kept me on the cross until the very end. The thought of my love for you kept me breathing when there was no breath left; it kept me alive when life fled from me. My love for you sustained me until everything found its fulfillment.

I am preparing a Day for us, a Day like no other. On this Day, I will wipe away all of your tears; I will take away every one of your fears. All of our enemies will melt away, and all that will remain is our love. Until that Day, I have sent my Friend to attend you. He will keep watch for me and prophesy my return.

Wait for me, meditating always on my love for you. Even now, I am praying for you, so that you will be ready to receive me when I come to you. On that Day, you will be as perfect as on the day our Father created you. I was there when He first formed you. In that moment, I looked at my Father and said, “This one is for me.”

Yours until the end of all time,
Yeshua bar Yahweh
(aka Jesus, the Son of God)