Deliverance Healing Training Title

Purpose of this Training Series: To train mature believers in deliverance ministry from demonic influence, oppression and strongholds, as well as healing for the soul, to individuals, groups and congregations.

Presented by: The Truth In The Spirit

Facilitated by: Apostle Markita Brooks

Live Location: Temple of Peace, 3115 Wickham Ave. Newport News, VA 23607

Online: This training may be taken online at any time as well by emailing

Cost: $25 fee per session for 4 sessions (total $100), to be paid in full or received at each session

Enrollment Requirements: Priesthood Academy Application and first session fee

Dates & Hours: Total 8-hour training, facilitated on 4 separate Saturdays at 2 hours each

Supplies Needed: A Bible, planner or calendar and writing utensil

Homework: An essay will be due no later than midnight on Thursday BEFORE the 3rd session via email to

Course Outline

Topic 1—Training Introduction, Defining Strongholds & Identifying Strongholds in Oneself

Topic 2—Encountering Strongholds during Team Ministry

Topic 3—Identifying Strongholds & Shattering Strongholds

Topic 4—Changing Mindsets

Topic 5—Destroying Systems

Topic 6—Using Your Spiritual Authority

Essay Requirements

Essay Format

  • Length—Not less than 1 page, not more than 2 full pages
  • Type—Times New Roman or Arial font at 12-point
  • Spacing—Typed double-spaced
  • Submission—The essay must be typed and emailed to the instructor no later than MIDNIGHT on the Thursday prior to the 3rd class session (email:

Essay Topic

Your essay should detail the following:

  • your need for and call to deliverance ministry,
  • strongholds you have experienced individually or corporately, and
  • how what you have learned about deliverance ministry in this training thus far will impact your service in God’s Kingdom.