Local Partners

Organizations that support us and we support them

Congregation Zion’s Sake ~ Covenant Partner
A Messianic congregation of Jews and Gentiles in Newport News, VA, led by Rabbi Eric Carlson, called to spread the “Good News” of the Jewish Messiah to the Jew first (Romans 1:16).

Kad-esh MAP Ministries ~ Covenant Partner
A Messianic Apostolic Prophetic ministry that brings the Word to Zion and from Zion accompanied with many signs, wonders and miracles of restorations

World Outreach Worship Center ~ Covenant Partner
Pastors Russell and Sylvia Evenson lead this dynamic, multi-ethnic congregation in Newport News, VA.  Their passion is to bring the power and presence of God back to this last day generation.

Congregation the Lion of the Tribe of Judah ~ Covenant Partner
Under the leadership of Congregation Leaders Carlos and Sonia Parker, this congregation has been commissioned by God to reach the Hispanic communities in VA, and to take the “Good News of Salvation” to the Nations.

Overflow Ministries ~ Covenant Partner
Apostle Jacinta Walker leads this ministry in Virginia Beach, VA, training up true disciples connected to the Vine, bearing much fruit and overflowing with the Love of God, Peace of God, Joy of the Lord, and Anointing of the Holy Spirit for the righteous are bold as a lion and will be prepared to rule and reign with Him when He returns!.

Temple of Peace Church ~ Covenant Partner
Pastor Karen Wilson leads this ministry in Newport News, VA, that allows the Holy Spirit to reign in their worship and their service.

Ministerio Oasis de Vida ~ Covenant Partner
Pastors Cecilio and Esther Torress lead this dynamic bi-lingual ministry in Newport News, VA, where the Holy Spirit is always present and Jesus is King.

Resurrection House International ~ Covenant Partner
Pastors Anthony and Sabrina Clemons lead this ministry in Williamsburg, VA, inspiring people to fall in love with Jesus and build a relationship with Him.

Tidewater House of Prayer ~ Covenant Partner
Pastor Miguel Dabul of Rock Church Norfolk coordinates and leads the Tidewater House of Prayer, a place of intercession and meditation for all of God’s people in Tidewater.

God’s X-Gangsters ~ Partner
Pastor Bill Emery leads this team of radical youth for Christ who are dedicated to allowing God to use them to draw other youth away from gang violence and disabling influences and to abundant life in the Messiah.