Ecclesia 2021

Join us for Ecclesia 2021: The United States and the Millennial Reign of Messiah. The word “ecclesia” means “assembly of the called out ones” in Greek. It is the word in the New Testament for the Body of Believers. Each year, The Truth In The Spirit hosts an Ecclesia event to unite the Body of Believers in our region.

For this year’s Ecclesia gathering, we are gathering believers in Tidewater, VA and the nation to remove all distractions and barriers to fulfilling God’s purpose and start to focus our attention for His will for America: for the PRESENT and for the FUTURE. Our lives as a nation go beyond the present day to day challenges we face; it’s time to reestablish God’s Vision for America!

Event Schedule

Saturday, February 27th
Intercessory Prayer starts at 9 AM with all intercessors who have volunteer to intercede with the ministry.

Pre-Service Worship 9:45 AM
Pre-service worship will begin shortly after to set the atmosphere.

Morning Session at 10 AM

Intro to Speaker
1st Speaker
2nd Speaker

Lunch Intermission
from 12:30 PM -1:45 PM

We will take a lunch break and continue with worship at 1:45 PM.

Afternoon Session at 2 PM

Intro to Speaker
3rd Speaker
4th Speaker

Location (Online)


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We are looking for intercessors to join us in interceding on the behalf of this cause. We are also looking for ministry leaders and business owners to show your support of Ecclesia 2021.  Please complete the form if you will stand with us in prayer or support.

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    Apostle Markita Brooks

    Apostle Markita Brooks

    Apostle Markita Brooks is a wife, mother and grandmother. She is also the founder of The Truth In The Spirit and the apostolic ministry leader.   Since March 13, 2001, God has continued to develop Apostle Markita and The Truth In The Spirit into agents of transformation and empowerment for individuals, businesses, organizations, ministries and young people. Apostle Markita was ordained by Messianic Rabbi Eric Carlson, leader of Congregation Zion’s Sake, who serves as the spiritual covering for The Truth In The Spirit.

    Apostle Markita also serves on 7 non-profit boards of directors and as the spiritual covering of many other ministries worldwide, while training pastors and leaders in various other ministries as well. She is also the Founder and CEO of Kingdom Wealth, LLC, a business coaching and consulting firm dedicated to creating wealth to do the most good, as well as the Founder and CEO of the Kingdom Wealth Network, Inc., a global network of businesses dedicated to creating wealth to transform geographic areas.


    Key Speakers

    Apostle Lawrence Nichols

    Apostle Lawrence Nichols

    Apostle Lawrence D. Nichols is a Detroit, Michigan native; a humble husband, father, grandfather, who has a dynamic background as a servant leader, church planter, military veteran, administrator, trainer, entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, and coach. He possesses an apostolic mantle to equip and empower God’s people for worldwide Kingdom service. He, alongside his wife Tamara of 27 years, has a vision and passion to develop Kingdom ambassadors for global impact – to develop leaders who develop leaders.

    Most recently, he and his wife released a co-authored book project entitled Beyond the Pulpit: His Eyes, Her Eyes, God’s Eyes in September 2020 regarding leadership, ministry, family, and vision. He believes when we are properly aligned and reconciled in our faith relationship with Messiah, our relationships with family, our fellowship with others, and our holistic fitness will unlock a spiritual freedom where miracles, signs, and wonders are commonplace.

    Rabbi Eric & Barb Carlson

    Rabbi Eric Carlson

    Rabbi Eric Carlson is founder and shepherd of Congregation Zion’s Sake, a Messianic Congregation located in Newport News, Va. Eric is a native of Fairview, Pennsylvania. Rabbi Carlson was ordained by the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues (IAMCS) in January 2006 after two years of Messianic Yeshiva. He is currently serving on the M.J.A.A. Executive Board as Secretary and serves on the board of “The Road to Jerusalem”.

    Eric is married to the former Barbara Patterson of Altoona, Pa. Barb teaches Israeli and Messianic Worship Dance and leads the Congregation Zion’s Sake Dance Team “Yachad”. She has led “Yachad” on several international outreach trips to Russia and Siberia. Barb has taught dance nationally at M.J.A.A. and U.M.J.C. Conferences. Eric and Barb have four children and four Grandchildren. Eric and Barb currently reside in York County, Virginia.

    Dr. Raleigh Washington

    Dr. Raleigh Washington

    Dr. Raleigh Washington is president and CEO of The Road to Jerusalem, a ministry reconciling Jewish and non-Jewish believers. He is pastor emeritus of Rock of Chicago’s Our Salvation Evangelical Free Church, a multi-racial urban church that he founded and led. He joined Promise Keepers as vice president of reconciliation, retired as president/CEO, and currently is president emeritus. He and Glen Kehrein co-authored Breaking Down Walls: A Model of Reconciliation in an Age of Racial Strife, the 1994 Gold Medallion winner of the Christian Booksellers Association.

    Still on numerous ministry boards, Dr. Washington also speaks at conferences and to universities, congregations, and corporations. Westminister College awarded Dr. Washington its third Doctor of Peacemaking after Mother Teresa and Bishop Desmond Tutu.