Prophetic Training Level Two

Advancing the Kingdom through Prophetic Ministry Training, Level 2

Advancing the Kingdom through Prophetic Ministry Training, Level 2 is part of the Priesthood Academy.

Purpose of this Training Series: To train mature believers with identified gifts of discernment, intercession and prophecy in foundational truths and skills necessary to operate in the gift of prophecy and/or the mantle of the prophet, for the edification of the Body of Believers and the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Presented by: The Truth In The Spirit

Facilitated by: Apostle Markita Brooks

Online: This training may be taken online at any time. Please complete the contact form along with any comments, questions.

Enrollment Requirements: Priesthood Academy Application and pre-requisite trainings

Dates & Hours: Total 8-hour training, facilitated in 4 sessions

Supplies Needed: A Bible, planner or calendar and writing utensil

Homework: An essay will be required and a Weekly Reading Chart will be due at the beginning of the 2nd, 3rd & 4th sessions






Course Outline






Topic 1—Class Introduction and 7 Manifestations of the Prophetic Anointing

Topic 2—Prophetic Function: Messenger

Topic 3—Prophetic Function: Worshipper

Topic 4—Prophetic Function: Teacher and Counselor

Topic 5—Avoiding Prophetic Pitfalls

Topic 6—Addressing the Jezebel Spirit and Class Finale