The Truth In The Spirit
Weekly services at Congregation Zion’s Sake
at 1233 Shields Road in Newport News, VA

Join CZS every Friday evening at 7:30 pm for Shabbat service
with Messianic Jews and Gentiles (all are welcome).  
In the WOW Center sanctuary
at 1233 Shields Road, Newport News, VA  23608

For more about these services,
visit or call 757-874-3303.
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Upcoming Events and Services
15203-A Warwick Blvd Newport News, VA  23608
Phone:  757-874-7800         Fax:  757-874-7814
At our services, we worship following the Biblical
models of the tabernacle and temple as Yeshua
(Jesus) did (Luke 2:46-49), to
free God's people
from bondage to sin and enter His presence as
ONE in Him across all denominational lines and
ethnic barriers!  Even pastors and leaders attend
and are REFRESHED!  Messiah is coming soon
rule the world as KING; He wants to teach us
God’s order for approaching His Throne as His
united people.
You are welcome to join us for Temple services
Saturdays at 2pm at
The Truth Center!
Temple services, Saturdays at 2pm

at The Truth Center, 15203-A Warwick Blvd.
in the Denbigh area of Newport News, VA

~ Commit or recommit to
your covenant with God.
~ Be cleansed of sins and
empowered to stay free
in your life (and Kingdom service).
~ Enter God's presence for
pure, spiritual worship.
Youth praise God through their own
age-appropriate expressions.
For more information about our weekly Temple services,
contact us at 757-874-7800 or
The Purpose of Temple Services is tri-fold:  1) To learn how to approach
a Holy God by studying the model of worship in the temples in Scripture
2) To apply that revelation as we present our temples (bodies) to God for the
indwelling of His Spirit (in individual and corporate worship)
3) To prepare for worshipping Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) in the 3rd
temple in Jerusalem when He comes to rule the earth!
Read more about our
Covenant with God
Click here to read
a love letter from
Yeshua (Jesus)
Ecclesia of
Tidewater ARISE
God has a plan and
purpose for the United
States, and it began in
Tidewater, VA.  The Lord is
revealing His plan for
reconciliation in Tidewater,
VA, unity in the Body of
Believers and healing for
the United States.  Learn
more about God's
ordained purpose for each
city and county in Virginia,
as we unite to turn this
nation back to Him!  
here to learn more.
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watch any of our
services online
Rediscovering the Truth webcast
has become a weekly Bible Study!
Join us EVERY Wednesday at 6:30pm
The Truth Center, 15203-A Warwick Blvd.
Newport News, VA  23608
(across from the Denbigh Community Center)
Temple Services every Saturday at 2pm at The Truth Center

Deliverance by Burnt Offerings—Receive 1 of the 6 Rosh Chodesh
deliverances or a personal deliverance by getting to the root of it, removing
the head, and giving it all to God
Know the Truth—A facilitated open discussion sharing revelations of the
manifestion of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) in our lives, to increase
our faith and reveal God’s true character
A Healing Space—A facilitated discussion into the wounds of our souls,
accompanied by quiet, healing music, so that we can truly experience
healing for our souls
Prophetic Roundtable—A gathering of 5-fold ministers to seek God for
His will for the nation, region and individuals; at this gathering, mature
ministers share their revelations, and we connect them to receive the full
picture of God’s will
Reaching the Harvest—Exhortations about reaching the harvest in
Tidewater, VA, as well as reporting out and asking questions about
evangelism in our individual ministries
Shepherd’s Circle—Shepherds connect with each other, sharing hurts
and questions; afterward, ministers pray restoration into and bless the
Weekend Warrior Activation—These topic based experiences are
designed to activate virtue and gifts in believers, with a dynamic worship
experience to follow

Rosh Chodesh & Partner Prayer monthly at The Truth Center

On Rosh Chodesh, we offer 7 burnt offerings for deliverance:  
Replacement Theology, Hellenism, Anti-Messiah, Paganism/Syncretism,
Religion, Mammon and 1 Personal Deliverance.  After releasing this
demonic oppression to God, we receive His virtue, take communion and go
before God in worship, for an intimate encounter.

Jan. 3rd
--Temple Service:  Know the Truth--Prophetic Writings at 2pm
We will reveal Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) in Biblical Prophecies and
share manifestations of His glory that we have witnessed!

Jan. 7th--Pastors' and Leaders' Video Conference Call at 5:30pm,
Bible Study at 6:30pm Live and 6:45pm Broadcast

Jan. 8th--Restoration of 5-Fold Ministry Training at 6:30pm

Jan. 10th--Temple Service:  A Healing Space at 2pm

Jan. 14th--Pastors' and Leaders' Video Conference Call at 5:30pm,
Bible Study at 6:30pm Live and 6:45pm Broadcast

Jan. 17th--Temple Service:  Prophetic Roundtable at 2pm

Jan. 20th--Rosh Chodesh & Partner Prayer (see above) at 6pm

Jan. 21st--Pastors' and Leaders' Video Conference Call at 5:30pm
Bible Study at 6:30pm Live and 6:45pm Broadcast

Jan. 22nd--Restoration of 5-Fold Ministry Training at 6:30pm

Jan. 24th--Temple Service:  Deliverance by Burnt Offerings at 2pm

Jan. 28th--Pastors' and Leaders' Video Conference Call at 5:30pm
Bible Study at 6:30pm Live and 6:45pm Broadcast

Jan. 29th--Fellowship Night for TIS Company & Partners at 7pm

Jan. 31st--Temple Service:  Know the Truth--His Face at 2pm
Hear and share revelations of the face of God in Scripture and as we
have personally encountered Him!
The Truth In The Spirit
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