Prophetess Markita M. Smith
The Truth In The Spirit
Prophetess Smith was raised in Hampton, VA.
She is the wife of Marvin Smith, the mother
of Samaria and Joshua and the stepmother of
Ashley and Klamisha.  She and her husband
live in Newport News, VA, and own an epoxy
floor coating business called
Smith's Epoxy
Coatings, Inc.

Prophetess Smith is the founder of The Truth
In The Spirit and the President of the
organization's Board of Directors.  On March
13, 2001, God spoke "The Truth In The
Spirit" to her and inspired her to help youth.  
He then used her to birth this ministry, which
was incorporated on July 17th, 2001.  On
October 19th, 2002, she received a call from
God to "minister to ministers".  The Ruach
HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) then began to explain this as a call to prophesy and "get God's
House in order".  Since this time, God has continued to transform Prophetess Smith
and The Truth In The Spirit into agents of empowerment for youth and
transformation for communities.  Prophetess Smith has served in ministry full-time
since March 7th, 2003, in various locations to build up ministries in the Body.  

One such ministry was Redeeming Faith and Deliverance Outreach Ministries where
Apostle Allison Smith (no relation) is the shepherd.  A
DONAI (the LORD) used this
apostolic ministry to mature and develop the prophetic anointing in Prophetess Smith.
She joined Redeeming Faith in August of 2003 and began to serve in the Praise &
Worship and Christian Education ministries.  On August 8th, 2004, she was licensed
to minister and served as the Minister of Pastoral Care.  On November 6th, 2005, she
was anointed "a prophetess of Yeshua the Messiah," as a group of elders laid hands
on her.  

During her service at Redeeming Faith, A
DONAI revealed His will for Prophetess
Smith to prophesy to His people Isra'el.  He then sent her and Apostle Smith to
fellowship with
Congregation Zion's Sake, a Messianic congregation in Newport
News, VA. Through covenant relationship,
Congregation Zion's Sake, led by Rabbi
Eric Carlson, provides guidance and accountability for The Truth In The Spirit.  It is
also the place where Prophetess Smith and her family fellowship.  The Smith's
worship at
Living Faith Christian Center in Newport News, VA, as well, allowing
God to develop their family and ministry.  Prophetess Smith serves as an elder at
Living Faith Christian Center.

Prophetess Smith's personal mission is "to unite God's people in hastening the
Messiah's return".  In working toward her mission, she serves in
many prophetic
A Messenger--delivering messages that always originate with ADONAI
a)  Through Prophecy:  direct quotes of the specific and timely Word of
God as He speaks it to her; these quotes are often written; see 2
Chronicles 21:12
b)  Through Prayer:  moved by the Spirit to pray about what God
desires to do; see James 5:13-16
A Teacher--to train God's people to serve and worship Him
a)  Through Spoken Word--trainings and sermons inspired by God and
supported by the Bible; see Acts 13:15-43
b)  Through Written Word--published writing inspired by God; see Luke
A Worshipper--to praise God with her physical body and incite His people
to worship Him; see Exodus15:20-21
a)  Through Dancing--God-inspired movements that manifest what is
occuring in the spiritual realm, not as a reaction but as a catalyst
b)  Through Singing--God-inspired words of praise

As a servant of Yeshua, she is also a servant of all of God's people--a prophet who
belongs to the entire Body of the Messiah.  She and The Truth In The Spirit focus on
inciting true and lasting community change while working to transform individuals,
organizations and communities.  If you feel led by the Spirit to request that she
minister to you, your organization, business or ministry, please feel free to email her
at  If both you and she agree that this is God's will, she
will undoubtedly share the specific and timely Word of God with you through one of
the means described above.  Many blessings to you!