Partner with The Truth In The Spirit through one of two networks to help us fulfill our Mission to proclaim, demonstrate and teach the transforming power of the Truth. Many in our community must come together in order to initiate and sustain lasting individual, organizational and community change.

The Ecclesia Network of Ministries

The Ecclesia Network of Ministries is an alliance of ministries coming together to reclaim territories in the Name of Yeshua (Jesus). As Messianic Jews and Christians, we serve each others’ ministries and the community, thus representing the collective power of the Body of the Messiah and proving to the world that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Son of God (see John 17:21). It is only in oneness that we can function in the full anointing He has granted the Body of the Messiah. In order to prepare for the Messiah’s return, the Body of Believers must become mature in every way, then allow Him to use us to reclaim the earth in His Name. We need each other to do this.

Join us in the fight against the Adversary for the souls of people in need and the land that has been cursed by our sins by partnering monthly with The Truth In The Spirit.

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The Nehemiah Network

The Nehemiah Network is a partnership of business, civic and community leaders as well as individual believers The Nehemiah Network stands with The Ecclesia Network of Ministries through monthly partnership with The Truth In The Spirit to advance the Kingdom of God, first in their own communities and then in the surrounding areas, even unto the ends of the earth. Just as Nehemiah was essential to the reformation of the nation of Isra’el after their return from Babylonian exile, is essential to the mission of The Ecclesia Network of Ministries. Nehemiah himself was a civic leader in his community. He gathered others like himself to rebuild their city and build a wall around the House of God. They stood guard around the holy city and reestablished Isra’el’s place among her many hostile neighbors. Together, ministers and community members rebuilt their nation.

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