Youth In Truth
The Truth In The Spirit
Knights in Divine Service (K.I.D.S.)

Through our Knights in Divine Service
(K.I.D.S.) Program, The Truth In The Spirit
trains youth to impact the world in which they
live by discovering who they are, applying the
Truth to their lives, and developing their gifts
and abilities for service to their community.  
We serve them through mentoring, character
development and training their creative
expression.  We also work with parents,
teachers and spiritual leaders to help them
serve youth better.  
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Young people in the K.I.D.S.
Program are broken up into three
peer groups based upon their age
and maturity.  Within these peer
groups, they are all placed on
service levels based on their Bible
knowledge, character and creative
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Praise Parties in the Park
We have been blessed to serve many youth
through our Praise Parties in the Park events.  
Contact us to get involved in blessing youth.
Laboring in the Lord           City of God             Praise Parties in the Park
"Don't let anyone look down on you because of your youth; on the contrary,
set the believers an example in your speech, behavior, love, trust and purity."
1 Timothy 4:12
K.I.D.S. Program Shield
Weekly Knights In Divine Service Trainings during the School
Year for School-Age Youth (ages 6 to 17 years old)

KIDS Trainings are focused on training the gifts of youth,
empowering them to use their gifts in worship of God!
This school year, we will train the following gifts:

"Praise Dance", to include worshipping with banners, streamers and flags
"Artistic Expressions of Faith", using various media
"Signing unto the LORD", writing and singing songs unto God
"Exhortation", writing and speaking exhortations to God's people
Weekly T.W.L. Trainings during the School Year
for School-Age Youth (ages 6 to 17 years old)

Including sessions on the following topics:

"Reading Around the World"—Improving reading skills and increasing
cultural awareness by reading and writing stories about people in other
A session for elementary school students only

"World Explorers:  North and South America"
"World Explorers:  Africa & Australia"
"World Explorers:  Europe & Asia"
Learning about world cultures, languages, geography and animal-life
A session for elementary school students only

"Emerging Leaders"—Leadership endeavors; includes training in initiating
and implementing visions, values, ethics, developing followers and being a
good follower, as well as leading groups of people

"A Voice for Change"—Public speaking training; learning to prepare and
deliver various forms of public speeches, debates and teachings, to culminate
in the presentation of a prepared speech

"From Vision to Enterprise"—Entrepreneurship training; learning to start
and sustain new businesses based on interests and skills to culminate in the
creation and presentation of a business plan

"My Voice, in Print"—Training for creative writing such as poetry, short
stories, plays, novels, etc. to culminate in the creation and presentation of an
original creative writing

Session trainers, dates, times and more topic info will be posted soon!

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Tomorrow's World Leaders

Trainings in Global Leadership Skills for youth who
want to lead Today and prepare for Tomorrow!