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Rediscovering the Truth
began as a weekly teaching webcast by Apostle Markita
Smith and it has now become a weekly live Bible study
that is also webcast online.  This
Bible Study will help
you discover ancient truths in God's Word for your life.
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Getting to Know God
08/23/2012  The Arm of God
08/30/2012  The Throne of God
09/06/2012  The War for Your Soul

3-Part Series--Breaking Curses
09/13/2012  Breaking Curses Part 1:  The Curse of the Serpent
09/27/2012  Breaking Curses Part 2:  The Curse of Eve
10/04/2012  Break Curses Part 3:  The Curse of Adam

Fall Feast Days Teachings and Celebrations (2012)
09/20/2012  Yom Kippur--Day of Purging
10/01/2012  Sukkot 1st Day Celebration Part 1 (worship)
Sukkot 1st Day Celebration Part 2 (decorating sukkah & teaching)

The Kingdom of God
10/18/2012  Taking the Land (Rebroadcast)
10/25/2012  Covenant Sonship
11/01/12  God's Plan for Jews and Gentiles
110/08/2012  Gentiles in God's Kingdom
11/15/2012  Overcoming Scarcity

11/29/2012  Hanukkah Part 1:  Feast of Dedication
12/06/2012  Hanukkah Part 2:  Festival of Lights

Hebrew Foundations of Faith
12/13/2012  Returning to the Ancient Paths
12/20/12  Back to the Foundation
01/03/2013  Transitioning to the Hebrew Roots
01/17/2013  Honoring Shabbat
01/24/2013  The Grace of God

7 Part Series--Coming of Messiah
01/31/2013  Coming of Messiah Part 1: Jerusalem
02/07/2013  Coming of Messiah Part 2:  Kingship
02/14/2013  Coming of Messiah Part 3:  Judges
02/21/2013  Coming of Messiah Part 4:  Purim
02/28/2013  Coming of Messiah Part 5:  Resurrection
03/07/2013  Coming of Messiah Part 6:  Judgment
03/14/2013  Coming of Messiah Part 7:  Restoration

Biblical Feast Days--Spring
03/21/2013  Passover: A Picture of Deliverance
03/28/2013  Feasts of Unleavened Bread and Firstfruits

Living Sacrifices
04/04/2013  Burnt Offerings for Deliverance and Healing
04/11/2013  Grain and Fellowship Offerings

9 Part Series--Transformation
(Personal, Interpersonal, Regional and Global)
04/25/2013  Transformation Phase 1 Step 1:  Invitation
05/04/2013  Transformation Phase 1 Step 2:  Reconciliation
05/09/2013  Transformation Phase 1 Step 3:  Restoration
05/16/2013  Transformation Phase 2 Step 4:  Worship
05/23/2013  Transformation Phase 2 Step 5:  Witness
06/06/13  Transformation Phase 2 Step 6:  Word
06/20/2013  Transformation Phase 3 Step 7:  Teaching
06/27/2013  Transformation Phase 3 Step 8:  Transformation
07/11/2013  Transformation Phase 3 Step 9:  Transition

Walking with God
07/18/2013  Elohim and Judgment
07/25/2013  Our Covenant with God

Rebuilding the Tabernacle of David
08/08/2013  Tabernacle of David, Part 1:  Holy Priesthood
08/15/2013  Tabernacle of David, Part 2:  A House of Prayer
08/22/2013  Tabernacle of David, Part 3:  Prophetic Worship
08/29/2013  Tabernacle of David, Part 4:  Diversity in Worship

Biblical Feast Days--Fall
09/04/2013  Yom Teruah:  Fulfillment and Personal Awakening
09/14/2013  Yom Kippur Worship Experience Teaching

The Temple:  Past, Present and Future
10/03/2013  Temple Part 1:  Preparing for God's Presence
10/10/2013  Temple Part 2:  Covenant with God
10/17/2013  Temple Part 3:  Blood for Sin
10/24/2013  Temple Part 4:  Separation from Demonic Oppression
10/31/2013  Temple Part 5:  Burnt Offerings of Flocks
11/07/2013  Temple Part 6:  Burnt Offerings of Birds
11/14/2013  Temple Part 7:  Grain Offerings
12/19/2013:  Temple Part 8:  Fellowship Offerings
01/02/2014  Temple Part 9:  The Menorah
01/09/2014  Temple Part 10:  Bread of the Presence
01/16/2014  Temple Part 11:  Altar of Incense
01/23/2014  Temple Part 12:  Most Holy Place

Ministers of a New Covenant
02/06/2014  Ministers of a New Covenant:  Israel
02/13/2014  Ministers of a New Covenant:  In the Spirit
02/20/2014  Ministers of a New Covenant:  Law and Grace
02/27/2014  Ministers of a New Covenant:  God as Husband
03/06/2014  Ministers of a New Covenant:  Knowing God

The Coming Judgment
03/13/2014  The Coming Judgment:  Crying Out in Prayer
03/20/2014  The Coming Judgment:  Promises Fulfilled
03/27/2014  The Coming Judgment:  The Noah Movie Call

Feasts of Passover and Unleavened Bread
04/03/2014  Passover and Unleavened Bread for Setting Apart, Salvation and
04/10/2014  Passover Instruction (Seder and Revelation)
04/17/2014  Unleavened Bread:  A Lesson for Today

Feast Living Series
04/24/2014  Feast Living: Preparing for Judgment
05/01/2014  Feast Living 2:  Preparing for the Harvest
05/08/2014  Feast Living 3:  Unity for Shavuot (Pentecost)
05/15/2014  Feast Living 4:  The Power of the Holy Spirit
05/22/2014  Feast Living 5:  The Sacrifices
05/29/2014  Feast Living 6:  The Power of the Blood
06/05/2014  Feast Living 7:  The Blessings of Shavuot
06/12/2014  Feast Living 8:  Rosh Chodesh

Yeshua in the Gospels
06/19/2014  Matthew ch 1-4 "Son of Abraham, Son of God"
06/26/2014  Matthew ch 5-7 "The Sermon on the Mount"
07/03/2014  Matthew ch 8-10  "A Harvester in God's Fields"
07/10/14  Matthew ch 11-13 "The Law of Moses & the Kingdom of God"
07/17/2014  Matthew ch 14-17 "The Two Witnesses"
07/24/2014  Matthew ch 18-21 "Servants in the Kingdom"
07/31/2014  Matthew ch 22-25 "Watching the Signs"
08/07/2014  Matthew ch 26-28 "Faith in Suffering"
08/15/2014  Mark ch 1-5 "Power amidst Persecution"
08/21/2014  Mark 6-9  "The Making of Miracles"
08/28/2014  Mark 10-12  "Coming to the King"
09/04/2014  Mark 13-16  "Communion"
09/11/2014  Luke ch 1-6 Part 1 "Hear the Lord"
Luke 1-6 Part 2 "Hear the Lord"
09/18/2014  Luke 7-9 "Faith for Revival"
09/30/2014  Luke 10-12 "The Sent Ones"
10/01/2014  Luke 13-15 "The Cost"
10/02/2014  Luke 16-18 "Choices"
10/14/14  Luke 19-21 "Stewardship"
10/15/14  Luke 22 "The Covenant"
10/15/14  Luke 23-24 "Love"

Up Close and Personal with God
05/08/2014  The Peahen:  Beautiful to God
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