The Truth In The Spirit
Volunteer With Us!
The following volunteer positions / internships need to be filled as soon as

Administrative Assistants
Atleast two Administrative Assistants are needed for administrative duties
Transformation and Empowerment.  These volunteers must be at least
16 years old and proficient in MS Office, internet research, typing and
document creation, and recording messages.  Volunteer between the
hours of 9am and 5pm Mondays through Fridays.

Youth Workers
Our Transformation and Empowerment Ministry and Youth Development
Programs (working together) are in need of Youth Workers to volunteer
services for our summer youth events (once per month on Sundays) and
our afterschool programs to begin in September 2016.  These volunteers
must be at least 18 years old and experienced in youth ministry, MS Word,
Internet Explorer, Yahoo! email and copying.  Bible knowledge,
professionalism and at least a 2-month commitment are required with this
volunteer position / internship.

All volunteers will be trained prior to beginning service.  The Truth In The
Spirit will provide training for each volunteer position.  

Contact us for more information about any one of these volunteer
positions / internships.