Unity in the Faith
The Truth In The Spirit
In the Body of the Messiah, we have not applied the truth of the Word of God to our own
fellowship.  Just before our Lord was taken to the cross, He prayed for His disciples and then for
those of us who would come after them saying, “The glory which you have given me, I have given
to them; so that they may be one, just as we are one--I united with them and you with me, so that
they may be completely one, and the world thus realize that you sent me, and that you have loved
them just as you have loved me.”  (John 17:22-23 NIV)  

Currently, the Body of the Messiah is not one; we are divided by denominations, cultures and even
our interpretations of the Word of God.  For this reason, The Truth In The Spirit is joining other
soldiers with the mission to bring unity to the Body of Believers so that we may be one in Yeshua
(Jesus).  The following objectives will help us fulfill our responsibility to
Unity in Faith by teaching
and reteaching believers to truly apply ALL of the Word of God, that we may be united with the
unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and each other.

Returning to Our Roots
In the last few decades, the children of Isra'el have begun to openly acknowledge Yeshua (Jesus) as
the Messiah in large numbers.  Rather than converting to Christianity and thus robbing themselves
of their spiritual and cultural heritage, A
DONAI (the LORD) has instead begun to teach the children of
Isra'el how to receive their Messiah while incorporating the strengths and wisdom He has developed
in His people Isra'el over the millennia.  This is called the Messianic Movement, and it follows in
the traditions of the early apostles who were themselves Jews.  

In years to come, Jewish and Gentile believers will gain new insight and understanding of the will of
God through this unification of the Body.  It was always God’s intention that the children of Isra'el
and Gentile believers would come together in worship of Him.  It’s a part of God’s promise to
Abraham and Isaac, and it was prophesied by Isaiah in chapter 49 verse 6.  The apostle Paul
addresses this in Ephesians 2:11-22, in which he discusses the children of Israel and the Gentiles
being made into one new man in Yeshua, being built up into God’s House.  

Christians must allow God to use Messianic Jews to return us to our roots in the Hebrew language
and Judaism (see Romans 11:11-24).  We must also renounce all
church replacement theology,
initiated at the
Council of Nicea, which espouses that the Church is a replacement of the children of
Isra'el in God's promises and His family.  The promises God made to His people Isra'el are eternally
for them (see Romans 11:11-12 and 11:25-32), and having been grafted into the Jewish-rooted olive
tree, the promises extend to Gentile believers as well (see Romans 11:17-24).  We all are important
in God's plan, both Jews and Gentiles.  All of us need to receive God's grace through salvation in the
Messiah Yeshua, and we need to represent the Messiah to the world by standing as one in Him (see
John 17:21).

Destroying Barriers
There are even more divisions in the Body of the Messiah.  In God’s House, there are
denominations and sects of those denominations.  However, we must allow God to restore order and
unity to His House by returning to a true and Spirit-led study of the Word of God.  This will lead
us to revival of Biblical teachings, one such teaching being the need for and function of five-fold
ministry in the Body of the Messiah (see Ephesians chapter 4).  As stated in Ephesians 4:11, five-
fold ministers are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.  The Messiah wants to
return to find His Body in the same condition in which He left it.  Hence, wonders were not just for
the formation of the Body, they are for all times a sign of those who believe in the Messiah (see
Mark 16:17-18).  The miraculous occurs when believers come together in the roles to which we were
assigned.  Five-fold ministers are essential to maturing the whole Body of Believers (see Eph. 4:11-
13), thus proving to the world that we represent the Messiah (see John 17:21).

Deliverance from Division and Strife
Individual ministries even experience division through unclean spirits that mingle in among us.  As
believers, we must allow Yeshua to deliver us from the motives, desires and issues that divide us
within our ministries.  When we fully surrender ourselves to the will of the Messiah, we will have
no need to fight amongst ourselves, as we will all be working toward the same goals (see James 4:1-

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