The Truth In The Spirit
The Temple:  An Example for Worship
The Temple:  An Example for Worship
experience God desires to have with us.  He must draw our focus to Him, thereby
preparing us for meaningful worship.

Inner Court
Covenant—The Word of God is read as a review of our covenant with Him.  We are
then convicted of breaking our covenant through sin and compelled to recommit
ourselves to the covenant.
Confession and Repentance—Worshippers confess sins to God and cry out to Him for
forgiveness.  To repent, we lay our flesh on the altar, thus denying our sinful nature and
believing that God can fill us with His Spirit.  Sin is atoned for by the Blood of the
sacrificed Lamb and worshippers are cleansed to bring pure incense offerings to God.

Outer Sanctuary
Thanksgiving and Adoration—Worshippers review the past, reflect on the present and
receive encouragement about the future.  We are then moved to thank God for what He
has done and adore God for who He is.  We worship through prayer and praise, our
incense offerings.

Inner Sanctuary
In His Presence—Worshippers receive anointing from God and/or hear God’s voice.  He
gives us power from on high, we get answers to our prayers, and we receive
instructions to depart as vessels for His use.  Worshippers then make requests of God to
receive all that we will need to carry out the instructions He has given.