Our Service
The Truth In The Spirit
                             Our Three Branches of Service

1)  Transformation and Empowerment—Romans 12:2

This branch of service focuses on transformation and empowerment for ministries,
businesses, organizations and whole communities (such as cities, states and nations).
God uses The Truth In The Spirit to reveal His "right now" will for
and empowerment for the ministry, business, organization or community that we are
currently serving.  After everyone involved has received that this is Adonai's (the
Lord's) will at this time, we assist those served in their transformation and the
needed empowerment to sustain the transformation and impact the community.  
Ministries, businesses and organizations we serve usually join us in our community
development efforts as partners.

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2)  Youth Development—1 Timothy 4:12

The Truth In The Spirit is dedicated to developing young people to serve their
communities today.
 Empowered youth can make significant and much-needed
contributions to ever-changing neighborhoods and cities when properly trained and
resourced.  We strive to incorporate the gifts, abilities and contributions of youth
into every aspect of this organization to truly make a difference in the lives of
individuals and the community at-large.  We are working toward opening a place of
refuge for youth to be trained to impact change and developed into healthy,
contributing members of society.  At this Center, young people will receive training
to use their gifts in service and be empowered to immediately impact change in their

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3)  Elderly Care—Psalm 71:17-18

Through the Elderly Care branch of service, we strive to care for and resource our
elders in the community.  The wisdom and knowledge of the elderly can help restore
order to families, congregations and communities if they are given the opportunity to
make their own personal contributions.  We all can benefit from the knowledge and
experience of the elders if we care enough to interact with them and humble
ourselves enough to listen to them.  Through our outreach activities, we give the
elderly and impaired in our community a voice and willing listeners.

Learn more about serving elders in our Community.
To fulfill our objectives:
to transform and empower ministries, businesses, organizations and
to train young people to impact the world in which they live, and
to restore order to our families, congregations and communities,
The Truth In The Spirit serves through three, intertwined branches of service:  
Transformation and Empowerment,
Youth Development, and
Elderly Care.
Though each branch of service focuses on one objective (they are listed in corresponding order above), fulfilling our objectives requires that the three
branches of service work together.  For example, elder mentors are needed to train
young people to impact the world in which they live.  
To serve our youth and transform our community, The Truth In The
Spirit regularly hosts events and programs throughout our city.

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