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The Nehemiah Network
The Mission of The Nehemiah Network is to build strong, healthy communities in
which people may live life in its fullest measure.  

We will fulfill this mission through the following objectives:

1. to support and aid
The Ecclesia Network of Ministries in reclaiming territories,
2. to provide opportunities for people to grow and flourish in every area of their
lives, and
3. to stand for the whole truth of the Bible in our businesses and civic/community
organizations, thus advancing the Kingdom of God.

Business, civic and community leaders as well as individual believers are invaluable
as we seek to reclaim territories and restore order to our families, ministries and
communities.  While
The Nehemiah Network stands for the Truth in the business,
political and community arenas, The Truth In The Spirit will support you spiritually
by feeding you the Word of God and guiding you into standing for the Truth in a
hostile environment.  Members of
The Nehemiah Network work to transform
communities by provided jobs, housing, training, and financial resources to people
who otherwise would not have them, or just by supporting this effort financially.  
The partnership with
The Ecclesia Network of Ministries enables ministers to
develop the minds and hearts of those in need in the community while
Nehemiah Network
provides opportunities that demonstrate the deep love of God.  

Members of
The Nehemiah Network receive first and immediate access to all
publications by The Truth In The Spirit, as well as invitations to
events and
that will build you up as you stand for the Truth in your arena. The Truth
In The Spirit also supports
The Nehemiah Network financially by patronizing
your businesses and supporting your community organizations.  

Believers should not have to go outside of the Body to meet any of their needs, and
the community should come to the Body when experiencing trials and emergencies.
As we begin to make changes in the lives of God's people, many needs will surface.
The Ecclesia Network of Ministries will address all of the needs it can, and all
others will rightfully be addressed by businesses, civic and community
The Nehemiah Network.  Together, we can change our cities,
state, nation and world!
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