The Truth In The Spirit
Markita Brooks was raised in Hampton, VA.
She is married and has two children.  Markita
is the founder and senior apostle of The Truth
In The Spirit.  On March 13, 2001, God
spoke "The Truth In The Spirit" to her and
inspired her to help youth.  He then used her
to birth this organization, which was
incorporated on July 17th, 2001.  Since this
time, God has continued to develop Markita
and The Truth In The Spirit into agents of
transformation and empowerment for
individuals, businesses, organizations,
ministries and young people.  Markita was
ordained by Messianic Rabbi Eric Carlson,
leader of
Congregation Zion's Sake, who
provides guidance and accountability for The
Truth In the Spirit, connecting the organization
to the Hebrew Roots of the Christian Faith.  Markita has a Bachelor’s degree in
Leadership Studies from the University of Richmond.  She has worked in youth
development for 20 years and is a certified trainer by the National Training Institute in
the “Advancing Youth Development” Training Series as well as the 4MAT System
for teaching to the natural learning cycle.  Markita has worked with the elderly and
impaired for 25 years serving in direct care and administrative roles in various
assisted living and transitional housing facilities.  She is the published author of
Road to Damascus: Transformation for the Next Level as well as various other
booklets and trainings.  She is a member of the International Who’s Who of
Professional Management, and she was featured in Hampton Roads Professional
Woman Magazine in June of 2011.  
Markita is also a business coach and consultant
and has worked with various businesses over the past 20 years.  She has been an
entrepreneur since 2001, and she is the founder and CEO of
Kingdom Wealth, LLC, a
business coaching and consulting firm "creating wealth to do the MOST GOOD."  
Markita is a preacher, teacher, writer, trainer, worshipper, coach, consultant, youth
worker and adult care provider.  To contact Markita Brooks for more information on
the services that she and The Truth In The Spirit provide, email her at
Discover the TRUTH ... in God's Presence