"Laboring in the Lord" Worship Event
The Truth In The Spirit
On Labor Day (Sept. 3rd, 2007),
The Truth In The Spirit hosted
a worship event at King-Lincoln Park
in Newport News, VA called
"Laboring in the Lord"

This is our
Scrap Book
Cookin' Up a Storm

The brothers from Temple of Peace Church on Wickham
Avenue worked the grills well.  The sisters were ready to
serve . . . and the kids were ready to eat!
Ministering the Word

(Left) Prophetess Markita Smith delivered the word of God from Ephesians
6:10-18, "Arming for the Battle".   In the picture above, she's wearing the
belt of truth and breastplate of righteousness.  (Right) Prophetess Smith
and Pastor Karen Wilson of Temple of Peace Church minister to local
Preaching to Hearts

From 1:10 to 1:40pm, Prophetess Smith ministered to the condition of our
hearts while preaching about the belt of truth and the breastplate of
righteousness.  In spiritual warfare, our hearts are often targeted by the
enemy.  But rather than trying to protect our hearts through self-deception
and hardening them, we must submit our hearts to God so that He can set
us free with the Truth and cleanse us through grieving and mourning over
sin (ours and the world's).
Preaching to Bodies

From 2:10 to 2:30pm, Prophetess Smith ministered regarding our walk with
God as she preached on having our feet fitted with the preparation of the
gospel of peace and carrying the shield of faith.  Faith in God's mercy and
forgiveness gives us peace in our life, peace that cannot be destroyed by
the enemy.  As we walk in peace, we become witnesses of God's love to the
world around us.  
Preaching to Minds

From 3:00 to 3:20pm, Prophetess Smith ministered to our minds while
preaching on the helmet of salvation and surrendering to God.  When we
submit to Him, He will renew our minds so that when the enemy plants
seeds of evil thoughts into them, we can cast down our imaginations and
every thought making them obedient to the knowledge of the Messiah.  We
are then empowered to cast down demonic spirits and principalities as well.
Receiving the Spirit

From 3:50 to 4:10pm, Prophetess Smith ministered to our spirits about
receiving the Spirit of the Holy God.  The Sword of the Spirit is the (rhema)
Word of God--the right-now Word God releases to us for the situations we
are currently in.  Knowing and receiving this Word stops the enemy from
robbing us of God's blessings.  Praying in the Spirit allows our spirits to
communicate directly with God in words we cannot even express with our
own minds and mouths.  Praying in the Spirit begins with worshipping God,
receiving revelation of what He wants to do, and praying that His will be
done.  In so doing, we submit our dominion over the earth and ourselves to
His dominion.