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Ecclesia 2014:  Tidewater Ecclesia Arise
Ecclesia 2014:  Tidewater Ecclesia Arise
March 21, 22 & 23

Our God has spoken seriously and specifically
about His will for the United States and the responsibility
of Tidewater, VA to turn the US back to Him.

We have not been faithful in this call, and God's judgment is
at hand.  In less than 1 year, we will see the signs of
judgment in our land!  It is time for Tidewater to repent.

This is our Focus:  Turning back to God,
so that He will turn His compassion and guidance toward us!

Friday, March 21st from 7pm to 10pm
at Tidewater House of Prayer, 5441 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Suite 114, Virginia Beach, VA  23462
Saturday, March 22nd from 12noon to 6pm
at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church,
288 E. Little Creek Road, Norfolk, VA  23505
Sunday, March 23rd from 4pm to 7pm
at The Truth Center,
15203-B Warwick Blvd. Newport News, VA  23608

Friday, March 21st at 7pm
~Invite the Spirit of God into our Region
~Hear what God is saying about the coming judgment to prophets
in our region
~Cry out to God for mercy and forgiveness, on behalf of our region
and nation

Saturday, March 22nd at 12noon
~Identify areas of repentance:  Unity, Israel & Service
~Cry out to God in repentance (individually and
collectively, by city and by people group)
~Be reconciled to God and each other
~Worship as One in Him

Sunday, March 23rd at 4pm
~Unite in prayer and planning for God's purposes in our Region
~Commit to action plans by posts in the Body:  Pastors, Prophets,
Intercessors, Worshippers, Youth, etc.
~Soak in the refreshing presence of God for transformation

Speakers include:

We will be led in worship by:
King's Divine Movement--a local worship ministry
providing the soundtrack for REVIVAL!

Various local ministries and ministers are coming together to seek
God and fulfill His will for our Region and Nation!

Each City and County in Tidewater has a unique identity and
purpose (see below).  So does every person.  YOU are essential in
God's plan to unite Tidewater and heal our Nation.  Don't miss this
divine appointment.  Our time is short; we must unite and cry out to
our God, NOW.  It won't be the same without YOU!!!
prayer, fasting
and uniting.

Let us reconcile
to God and
each other.
We are:

Connecting with
God's will


Uniting across
the lines that
divide us.
His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven,
in Tidewater VA, and throughout our nation!

The time is NOW.  This is only the beginning . . .
space, though there is no registration fee.  Click here to register now.

For more information, contact The Truth In The Spirit at
we will follow God's
Plan.  We will:
Invite—Invite the
manifest presence of
God in worship (Exodus
reconciled to God in
confession and
repentance and
reconciled one to
another across various
lines that divide us
(Matthew 5:23-24)
Restore—Allow God to
use us to restore our
relationships and our
(Malachi 4:5-6)
Worship—Worship as
one in Him, in spirit and
in truth (John 4:21-24)
Witness—Witness the
glory of God upon our
unified worship (Acts 2:1-
Hear His Word—Hear
God speak His Word
concerning the work He
requires from us (Isaiah
teaching that will enable
reclaim our cities, region
and nation (Luke 24:44-
transformed in our souls
to agree with the Word
through prayer and
worship (Romans 12:1-2)
and prayerfully plan to
continue to allow God to
reclaim our communities,
cities, region and nation
through us
(Matthew 28:18-20)

Pastor Miguel Dabul                Pastor Jim Moynihan
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