Ecclesia 2008:  Seeking God's Presence to Take Back Our City
The Truth In The Spirit
We experienced the Presence of ADONAI
(the LORD) on March 8th, 2008 at

"Ecclesia 2008:  Seeking God's Presence to
Take Back Our City",
an annual worship event hosted by
The Truth In The Spirit.

This is our
Scrap Book
LORD went
ahead of  
them in a
pillar of cloud
to guide way
and by night  
in a pillar of
to give
them  light,
so that they
could travel
by day
or night.  
Neither the
pillar of
cloud by day
nor the
pillar of
fire by
night left
its place
in front
of the

Ecclesia 2008
Seeking God’s Presence
to Take Back Our City

Saturday, March 8th, from 4 to 7pm
At Living Faith Christian Center
14901 Warwick Blvd. Newport News
Host Pastors:  Revs Salvatore & Matisha Dentu

Order of Service

Sound the Shofar                                       Rabbi Carlson
Invocation                                      Pastor Matisha Dentu
Worship                                  Congregation Zion’s Sake
          Iglesia Cristiana Oasis de Vida
Welcome and Intro                             Prophetess Smith
Welcome                                    Pastor Salvatore Dentu
Healing the Land                                Prophetess Smith
Taking the Land                                  Prophetess Smith
~Yeshua’s Prayer for Glory for Father and Son
~Warring Spirit—Anti-Messiah (Anti-Christ)
Intro Congregation Zion’s Sake
~Yeshua’s Prayer for Obedience and Protection
~Warring Spirit—Pride of Man
Intro Temple of Peace Church
~Yeshua’s Prayer for Sanctifying Power of Truth
~Warring Spirits—Violence and Denial
Intro Abyssinia Baptist Church
Intro Holy Tabernacle Church of Deliverance
~Yeshua’s Prayer for Faith and World Revival
~Warring Spirits—Reason and World Conquest
Intro Iglesia Cristiana Oasis de Vida
Intro Living Faith Christian Center
Warfare Prayer
Coming Together for Action              Rev. Brown, OBT
Israeli War Dance                 Congregation Zion’s Sake
Benediction                               Pastor Salvatore Dentu
Dismiss for Fellowship Dinner

Pastors Salvatore and Matisha Dentu, the Praise Team
and the
Living Faith Christian Center Family

Rabbi Eric and Rebbitzin Barb Carlson, the Dance Team
and the
Congregation Zion’s Sake Family

Rev. Kevin Brown and
Operation Breaking Through

Rev. Clint Hardy, Jr. and
JTC Life Changing Center

Pastor Karen Wilson, Rev. Jacquelyn Quash
and the Temple of Peace Church Family

Pastor Gladys Lopez, the Praise Dance Ministry
and La Familia de
La Iglesia Cristiana Oasis de Vida

Elder Kermit Jones, Sister Demetra Kee
and the
Holy Tabernacle Church of Deliverance Family

Pastor Richard Patrick
and the
Abyssinia Baptist Church Family

The Company of Apostles and Prophets
Download the teaching booklet for this worship event:
"Healing the Land, Taking the Land"
This booklet includes the teachings about Yeshua's prayer in
John ch. 17 as well as the spirits that war against it.
This booklet gives additional information about demonic spirits
addressed in
Awaiting HIS Return newsletter, Vol. 2 Issue 5.
Reflections . . .
which, according to the Webster’s New
American Dictionary, means “to unite
or merge into one body.”

But since I am not a woman of a few
words, or just one, I have to explain to
my fellow brothers and sisters in
Yeshua Jesus that Ecclesia 2008 was
icing on a spiritual cake for me! On the
Friday night before, my husband and I
went to the movies to see “10,000 B.C”
and for those who haven’t seen the
movie and desire to, I will try my best
not to give it all away.

The Lord blessed us by showing us
the idea of Ecclesia in this movie as
peoples of different tribes, colors,
races, and languages all came
together to “free their people from the
one who had set himself up in a
temple as the “Almighty One.” Just as
Satan thru sin keeps people in
bondage, this Almighty One had done
the same; sending warriors from place
to place to steal, kill, destroy, and
plunder and return slaves to build the
temple for him. But there had been a
prophecy that there would be one who
would be able to speak to the ‘spirit’ of
the animals and unite the people
together to defeat this “Almighty One”
who seemed to have all the power.

The coming together of these different
people groups in this movie was
replayed before my eyes as I watched
the praise dance teams, and Rabbi
Carlson speak, and the other pastors
from different churches; even those of
leadership rose to speak that night. I
confess, I am grateful that the Lord had
my husband with me on this night,
because I probably could not have
contained the jubilance I felt. It is a
difference when the Lord blesses you
with an understanding of His vision,
but to see it manifest in the physical
realm, knowing it was spoken by Him
to His prophet in His spiritual realm
causes such an increase in faith that
even the faith becomes unexplainable.
I believe if we, that attended and
believe that the Lord is moving us to a
place of “amalgamation,” tell it to
others, then Ecclesia will spark a flame
that will burn thru the divisions and
walls that keep us from completely
uniting as One New Man.

Minister Veronica F. Patterson
Genesis One Creations
ECCLESIA 2008- What a marvelous time had by all to
truly come together as one community, one body in
Christ and experience REVELATION 5:9-
And they sang a new song:
"You are worthy to take the scroll
and to open its seals,
because you were slain,
and with your blood you purchased men for God
from every tribe and language and people and nation.

It was indeed an honor to be in the midst of what our
Father is doing for our community.  We are excited
about taking our promised inheritance back!

Elders David and Illa Hamlette
Living Faith Christian Center-Newport News, VA.
It was truly a blessing to worship with so many other
believers from various backgrounds, ethnicities and
denominations at Ecclesia 2008.  I recall the Lord’s
instructions to me about preparing the sanctuary for the
worship event.  I was specifically commanded to push
all of the chairs up against the wall so that we could
worship in the center of the floor together.  Additionally,
I was commanded to place a table at the altar.  On this
table, I was to light 7 candles on a golden candela-
brum, place loaves of bread on a golden plate and
burn incense on the table as well.  At the foot of the
table, the Spirit led me to lay my sword and shield.  
song about Jews and Gentiles being one in the
Messiah, the dancers grabbed the hands of almost
everyone else there, and we all danced together.  Had I
not moved the chairs, there wouldn’t have been
enough space.  Next, the pantomime dance ministry of
Iglesia Cristiana Oasis de Vida (Oasis of Life Church)
ministered a song about returning to God and coming
to His golden altar.  When the words about the golden
altar were sung, they all turned and pointed to the table
God had commanded me to put at the altar.  Then, the
song continued to sing about us being built for war
(hence the sword and shield at the foot of the table).  
It was so clear to me that the preparation of the
sanctuary for this event had been essential.  The last
song ministered in dance that day sang of the
anointing of God being present in the sanctuary.  It truly
was and everyone felt it.  The worship led by the two
ministries ushered in the Spirit of God in a mighty way,
and we all ministered to each other, prayed together,
danced together and ate together as ONE IN HIM.  
Thanks to everyone who was involved!

--Prophetess Markita Smith
Ministry Leader, The Truth In The Spirit
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