The Ecclesia Network of Ministries
The Truth In The Spirit
The Ecclesia Network of Ministries reclaims territories in the Name of
Yeshua (Jesus).  We fulfill this mission through the following objectives:

1. to demolish strongholds in regions, groups and individuals,
2. to correct falsehood, error and disorder in systems, groups and
3. to empower believers and ministries to represent Yeshua (Jesus) through
their God-ordained identities and purposes,
4. to incite and facilitate reconciliation between groups of believers,
particularly Messianic Jews and Christians, and
5. to share the Gospel with the children of Israel, thereby inciting worldwide

To fulfill our collective purpose, we come together to share revelation,
wisdom and anointing with the other member ministries.  If your ministry has
defeated the Adversary in a certain area, the rest of us in the Body need to
hear the revelations God shared with you, benefit from the wisdom of your
experience and receive a transference of the anointing that empowered you
to be victorious (and remain victorious).  
The Ecclesia Network of
also hosts annual events to unite the Body of Christ, to seek
God's will for the year, and to draw in a harvest of souls for the Kingdom.  
We reclaim territories in the Name of Yeshua (Jesus) by coming together for
evangelism and outreach projects, missions trips and events that heal our
land.  Together, we go out into the community and effect change in the lives
of individuals.  Everything our community needs already exists within the
Body of the Messiah.  Together, we allow Yeshua to use us to reclaim
territory on earth in His Name.

Members of
The Ecclesia Network of Ministries receive  1) access to all
services, publications and trainings by The Truth In The Spirit, to include
Priesthood Academy trainings  2) assistance in discerning and walking in
God's will for next-level transformation in your ministry, 3) quarterly video
conference callss to prepare for Biblical Feasts and help align your
congregation with the Truth of the whole Bible 4) invitations to
worship events to bring ministries together and impart a fresh anointing on
leaders and 5) notices about local and national events concerning
reconciliation between groups within the Body of the Messiah, believers
making a difference in local and national politics, and other gatherings.  

Join us in the fight against the Adversary for the souls of people in need
and the land that has been defiled by our sins.
The Ecclesia Network of Ministries
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Ecclesia ARISE
God has given us
revelation about every
city and county in
Virginia. Join us as we
unite to turn this
nation back to Him!  
This is a long-term,
sustained move of
God to reclaim a
nation, in preparation
for the return of His
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