The Truth In The Spirit
Community Development and Elderly Care
We have truly been a blessing to our community through Praise Parties in the Park,
but we can do more and YOU can join us!

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If you would like to be a part of our service to unite and develop our community,
read more about how you can join us below.
Join The Nehemiah Network
The Nehemiah Network consists of business owners, community members and individuals who want to make a difference
in the world around them.  Members of The Nehemiah Network
financially support this ministry as monthly partners.  The
Nehemiah Network will come together throughout the year for fellowship events at which we celebrate you!  At these events,
we will share God’s revealed plans for community revival, we will worship Him and reflect on past victories, and we will pray
for each member of The Nehemiah Network.  Become a Nehemiah today so that you can start receiving our monthly Bible-
reading calendar
On The Wall and plan to join us at our fellowship event COMING SOON (details to be announced).
Community Development
Volunteer Training for Community Emergency Preparedness

The Newport News Division of Emergency Management is currently enrolling new
volunteers who would like to join the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).  
CERT volunteers can help prepare their communities for emergencies and are also expected
to aid the City by responding in their communities when actually disasters occur.  For
businesses, organizations, ministries and individual citizens, this is an opportunity to partner
with the City of Newport News in preparing for and responding to disasters in our area.

All applicants must be at least 18 years old, pass a background check.
Call Dana Perry at 757-269-2904 or email for more information.
Download the
application here
Download the flyer
for training
Join our Corps of Volunteers
The Truth In The Spirit serves our community in various ways.  We need committed people to share your
gifts and time with others through this organization.  If you're interested in volunteering  or completing an
internship with us,
click here for more information.
Coming to unity in our communities must begin with the practical aspects of our daily lives.  
Elders help us to apply the wisdom of God’s Word to our choices, families, marriages and
overall community involvement.  In today’s society, the elderly are often overlooked and
forgotten.  This is not only hurtful to someone who has lived a full and fruitful life, it is also
harmful to the community at large, as we miss out on wisdom from their experiences.
Caring for the elderly is not just an issue in the secular
world; believers and congregations also struggle with
how to respectfully and appropriately minister to the
needs of elderly family members and congregants. To
address this growing concern, God has charged The
Truth In The Spirit with empowering aging citizens to
continue to serve their communities.  The Elderly
Care branch of service is focused on just that:  caring
for the elderly and allowing the community to benefit from these elders.  The elderly have
much to offer the community.  We can enrich and even prolong the lives of our elders by
showing them that God still has a purpose for them and their existence can still positively
affect the lives of others around them.  The elderly are a seldom resourced treasure and a
weapon in our arsenal to reclaim our families, congregations and communities.  
Elderly Care