Serving as Children
The Truth In The Spirit
The Truth In The Spirit is dedicated to training youth to serve in the Kingdom and educating adults
on the importance of humility and submission to God.  This helps us to fulfill our responsibility to
advance the tenet of
Children in the Kingdom.

Young People in Service Roles
Today’s youth have a variety of temptations and pressures that their parents and grandparents did
not have to face.  The Adversary desires to draw them into worldly pleasures to fill their needs for
acceptance, fulfillment, companionship and purpose.  The world offers temporary substitutes to
meet the intense emotional, physical and spiritual needs of young people.  If they search hard
enough, and most do, they can find non-judgmental outlets for their creative expression, encouraging
support for their endeavors and company with people who will validate their needs and self-
concept.  These all, of course, lack the guidance, stability and development that intimate
relationships with the Messiah would add to their lives.  However, many youth do not discover this
truth until they are suffering the consequences of their unhealthy choices.  

As we strive to represent the Messiah to the world, we must remember to represent Him to young
people too.  Yeshua (Jesus) fellowshipped with all types of people and accepted them for who they
were.  Once He had demonstrated His genuine love for them and His mercy regarding their sinful
state, He was then able to minister repentance and faith leading to righteousness.  The Body of
Believers is much like the group of disciples in the Messiah’s time on earth because we prohibit
young people from coming to Yeshua; we do this through our legalistic approach to ministry,
judgment of young people and exclusion of youth from meaningful roles in the Body.  The
Adversary encourages them to express themselves, take a role in society, and make personal
decisions.  This he does while enticing them to submit to their flesh, because their destruction is his
desire.  Yet in the meantime, children feel accepted, free and empowered in the world but rejected,
bound and oppressed in the Body.  The spiritual condition of the Body of Believers is the cause.  In
order to truly prepare our children for their spiritual inheritance, we must first submit ourselves to
our Father as little children and receive the benefits of our inheritance.

Adults Coming to the Father as Little Children
People in bondage can only teach bondage, those who are oppressed teach oppression, and the
rebellious at heart always fear being rebelled against.  Adults in the Body of the Messiah must
become free to
truly worship God before we will be able to empower youth to truly worship Him.  
Man-made religion, conformity and competition keep us from being the people God created us to be
and thus worshipping Him in
spirit and in truth.  Individual adults must submit ourselves to the
Father for direction; there is no shortcut, as it comes only through relationship with the triune God.  
When we humble ourselves like little children before Him, we can see ourselves clearly and allow
Him to
transform us to serve in ministry as the person He created us to be, not the religious image
we sought to become.  Only then can we
teach freedom, truth, worship and empowerment to youth.

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