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15203 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, VA  23608
Suites A & B

15203-A Warwick Blvd. is our Adult Day Community and Training Center.

15203-B Warwick Blvd. is our
Sanctuary for Transformation and
Empowerment as well as our Youth Development Center.

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The Truth In The Spirit
Read Truth Psalm 1

The Word of the Lord for
The Truth Center
and all those involved in
establishing it!
Here, individuals, businesses and organizations are transformed and empowered to
make positive contributions to the community.  Young people are trained to
positively impact their communities and elders are resourced to find answers to
some of the toughest challenges we face today.

Ya'akov (James), the brother of Yeshua (Jesus), wrote, "the religious observance
that God the Father considers pure and faultless is this:  to care for orphans and
widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being contaminated by the
world."  (See James 1:27.)  At the Truth Center, we do just that:  care for children
and the elderly, empower individuals and groups to take a stand in the world, and
help to restore our communities. The Truth In The Spirit works tirelessly to bring
ministries, businesses and community organizations together to insure that our
communities are prosperous, healthy and safe.  This Center serves as a central
location for us to come together as one:  one in power, one in service, one in love.

The various
areas of service God has birthed out of The Truth In The Spirit were
created to function together as one.  At this Center, they are able to do that.  At The
Truth Center, youth learn more about themselves and the world around them to
increase their cultural awareness.  Culture includes characteristics of people groups,
the aesthetic (the arts), and social environments and lifestyles (such as youth culture
or Kingdom culture).  Through the various
training programs we offer, young
people are developed to use their skills as a blessing to the community around them
and literally create their own realities by taking control of their behaviors, thoughts
and choices.  We care for elders in the community through our
Adult Day
Community and outreach activities at the Center.  These elders, and other elders
served through outreach and community events, are asked to contribute their
wisdom and experience to our service in the community, thus empowering them to
continue to be active members of the community and allowing every facet of The
Truth In The Spirit to benefit from their wisdom and experience.  Lastly, businesses
and ministries can utilize our resource center to develop or grow their visions.  With
transformed ministries, businesses and community organizations, as well as
empowered youth and resourced elders all coming together in one place, the Truth
Center regularly experiences the moves of God and is a haven for unity, worship
and positive change in our community.

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Purpose of The Truth Center:

Suite A
Adult Day Community
Adult Training and Resource Center
Elderly Resource Center

Suite B
Afterschool & Summer Youth Programs
Community Fellowship Center
Sanctuary for Transformation and Empowerment
Kingdom Trainings for Adults
Spiritual Publications Distribution Center
Business, Ministry and Organization Resource Center
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15203-A Warwick Blvd Newport News, VA  23608
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