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"Messianic Midrash" Weekly Bible Study
Messianic Midrash
began as a weekly teaching webcast by Apostle Markita
Brooks and it has now become a weekly live Bible study
that is also webcast online.  This Bible Study will help
you discover ancient truths in God's Word for your life,
through both the New and Old Testaments.
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Weekly Bible Study at 7:00pm on Wednesdays
Questions, Comments and Prayer Requests

A lot of Scripture is covered during each Bible study session, so there will not
be a lot of time for questions and comments during the teaching.  However,
Apostle Markita Brooks would love to answer your questions as a part of the
teaching!  Email questions to  Prayer requests may also
be sent to this email address, and they will be forwarded to our team of
Teaching Topic for December 17, 2014
"Covenant" (including a Hanukkah Teaching)
Scriptures:  Genesis ch. 9, Prov. 6:12-35, John 5:31-47
This teaching on
"Covenant and
Hanukkah" is the
MOST profound Bible
Study we have ever
had.  A Must See!
Teaching Topic for February 18, 2015--Broadcast from Israel
"Through Covenant, God Reveals His Plan"
Scriptures:  Genesis ch. 17, Psalm 1, John 10:1-21
Teaching Topic for March 4, 2015--With Prophecies received in Israel
Scriptures:  Genesis ch. 18, Psalm 2, John 10:22-42
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