Pray for the US Armed Forces
The Truth In The Spirit
My Dream
By Apostle Markita Smith
and I was cheering for them, literally jumping up and down, yelling and shouting words of encouragement
to them.  I wasn't the only one; it was like a pep rally for our fighting men and women.  And they were
there--soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines--all dressed in their uniforms, receiving our encouragement.  Then
I gathered a group of them to me, and we began to pray.  I prayed over each individual warrior in my
presence and they were supernaturally covered so that nothing in the natural or spiritual realms could
harm them.  I prayed that they would not be killed and bullets flew passed them and bombs just missed
them.  None of the soldiers I prayed over were killed or even hurt (physically or spiritually).  

Then the soldiers I prayed with departed from me and began to pray in groups throughout the Middle
East.  They formed prayer circles, praying together regularly.  Even soldiers who were not believers came
to join them; their prayers turned the tide of the War on Terror.  I looked and I saw before me an actual
opinion poll.  It represented the opinions of the civilians in the Middle East.  On one side of the poll was
a red bar representing the people's opinions of the terrorist Muslim regimes in their lands.  On the other
side was a blue bar representing the people's opinions of the American soldiers in their lands.  As the
soldiers prayed, I actually saw the red bar, which previously was very high, drop down to almost nothing.
Then I saw the blue bar, which had been very low, rise to the highest level possible on this bar graph.  
a classroom.  Then I began to pray, and I prayed that God would be sovereign over Iraq and all of the the
atmosphere over Iraq.  As the glory of God descended upon the Middle East, I heard behind me two choirs
(one on either side) singing.  I assumed they were angels because the sound was so beautiful.  But when I
turned, I realized they were American soldiers dressed in desert fatigues (just like in the picture above).  
They sang in response to each other back and forth, "Lord bless me on bended knee."  The choir behind me
to the right was a choir of women serving in the war, so the first sound was a high-pitched soprano/alto
sound.  The choir behind me to the left was a choir of men serving in the war, so the response was a lower
awakened, I sang the song, "Lord bless me on bended knee" while I pulsated with the same awakened, I
sang the song, "Lord bless me on bended knee" while I pulsated with the same tremendous tremendous
anointing to pray for our service men and women that I had experienced in the dream.

This dream inspired me to sponsor the event,
"Laboring in the Lord."  I believe that if we pray for our
service men and women, God will supernaturally protect them and turn the tide in this war.  We need His
divine intervention because mankind (include Americans) has made a mess of things in the Middle East, but
the God of heaven can make a good thing out of every bad thing.  He is sovereign, but He gave dominion on
earth to man.  For Him to remain true to His Word and train us to serve as His children and ambassadors
on earth, we must call upon Him to enter into the affairs of mankind and be sovereign over the earth.  
"Father, your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."